MWGA - Best NW @ Regional Vignola (49 Players)

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Magnaos 89


"We've got to build a Wall, and our opponents will pay for it!" - D. Trump

Hi all! This is the first time that I publish a decklist, but I was asked by some people in Vignola to give more info about this deck, so here we are!

I'll just introduce myself first: my name is Carlo, and I play AGOT 2nd edition since it was launched. I never managed to get big results but I love this game, especially building crazy/junky decks and experimenting with new and underused cards.

I stopped playing regularly for a month or so, but since the regional season started I found some time to get back on track and build this. I chose to make a new Wall deck because I thought it would have been fun to play and have the potential to mess up the board in a laughable way.

I'll do a short tournament report, then give some consideration about the deck and explain some choices I made during deckbuilding. Unfortunately my memory is really bad, but I'll try my best.


  • Game 1: Loss vs Lorenzo, Targaryen Wars to come

I don't remember much about this game. I saw the Wall when the game was already far ahead, and that's probably the main reason for losing. My opponent had a Khal Drogo running wild and managed to make a lot of power early.

  • Game 2: Win vs Daniele, Martell Wars to come

My opponent pulled a lot of shenanigans using both Arianne Martell (Core) and Obara Sand (SoD), but I had the Wall in setup and played The Crow is a Tricksy Bird after his Counting Coppers, forcing him to play Retaliation the next round. That means a lot of discards, and after three rounds (with the help of Queenscrown) I had a board built only on his characters, including two Knights of the Sun which eventually got renown. I closed the game stealing the third Knight in the last round, and using one of them on one extra challenge thanks to The Bay of Seals.

  • Game 3: Win vs Edoardo (@NerferNazgul), Targaryen Banner of the Wolf

This game was really awkward. Edo messed something up using Meereen and ended up having a very poor hand very early. He stopped both my Queenscrown and Flea Bottom with two Frozen Solids, but I had some time to find the Wall and pull a LOTG+Varys which left open space to slowly gain my win.

  • Game 4: Win vs Luca, Tyrell Wars to come

I had great luck on this one. My opponent drew a lot of economy and ended the third round with the board composed of some chuds and a Bodyguarded Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) as his only beefy character (he had The Hightower too, but didn't impact the game in any way). So, we chose our 4th round plots and I decided to play Varys's Riddle only for its stats... with my great surprise, he flipped Valar Morghulis. From that moment, he never got enough big characters to threat the victory, except for a Mace Tyrell (HoT) which had a nice journey to Craster's Keep.

  • Game 5: Win vs Davide, Stark Wars to come

This game was hard on both sides, and that's probably the reason why I remember so little about it. All I can recall is that Davide was on the losing side, and in two turns made a backlash which got us to the same amount of powers when the time called. We should have started counting the cards in deck, but he drew a lot with Wyman Manderly and the two different deck sizes could tell which one would probably have won the count, so he decided to concede. I'm really mad for not remembering more, because we both really struggled on this one. Hope we get a rematch at Late Summer Feast!

  • Game 6: Loss vs Alberto, Stark Faith Militant

I had no chance in this game: he started really strong and I drew only characters, which is not what you want to draw in this deck. I got only one power which got instantly stolen with his Faith Militant agenda.

I ended up best Night's Watch at 15th place out of 49 players. Not an astonishing result, but definitely better than what I hoped for this tournament.


The Wall and the discard-stealing technique can be very strong against Targaryen, Martell, and any other deck which abuses of Flea Bottom. You can see while playing that, even if you don't gain advantage, your opponent will be basically crippled. Pulling some heavy resets like Varys or both Valars can make you gain time to get all the pieces you need, and the targeted discard from Mutiny doubles its value by eliminating a big character and giving you the opportunity to steal it.

Speaking about pieces, what you want (NEED) to find is:

  1. The Wall, obviously;
  2. Queenscrown, against non-targ and martell decks it's fundamental to get big characters in discards. Especially since this is a The Wars To Come deck, and not a Greensight one;
  3. Veteran Builder, for a double Wall trigger;
  4. Flea Bottom, to repeat the double Wall every round;
  5. LOTG+Varys and Mutiny, to clean the board.

Then there are cards like Yoren, Guarding the Realm and Isle of Ravens that let you clean the opponent's discard pile from the useless chuds (or even steal more nice 3-gold-or-less-characters) and increase the Wall's impact.

In my opinion, a good counter to this deck is playing Stark. They have a lot of useless chuds (the only low cost characters you may want are Sansa Stark (WotN) and Arya Stark (Core)), and they can sacrifice them repeatedly forbidding you from stealing the big dudes. Plus, a lot of their cards lose strength when coming to your side due to losing the Stark affiliation, and they also have Frozen Solid.

Greyjoy can be a problem too, since you can't stop their We Do Not Sow. If Euron steals the Wall, you can concede and shake hands.


The Wars To Come vs Greensight:

I used to play this deck with Greensight, but Wars is just too good. With 7 plots I couldn't fit a reliable opening like Time of Plenty, a second Valar which is fundamental, and Marched to the Wall, which I wasn't running in the early iterations.

The Bloody Flux:

I wanted to try this plot. I ended up using it only for its stats, but it can be really nasty if combined with Varys or The Crow is a Tricksy Bird + opponent's Valar Morghulis. Big potential but not expressed yet in actual games.

Nefarious Acolyte:

These bois were intended to counter Barring the Gates, which can be a huge pain for this deck. At the end of the day, they only added challenge strength and surprise factor. Nothing to ignore, but nothing special.

The Bay of Seals:

Another card that I wanted to try. It actually helped a lot winning some games, but at the same time it's pretty useless if you haven't stole characters with interesting keywords or abilities.

Jon Snow (WotW):

This one is the remains of a previous version with higher cost characters. I hate excluding the main faction's characters from a deck, so I kept a 1x... And it was not a wise decision, if you consider that this deck resets many times and plays only 5 limited cards.

5 limited cards?:

Yup, you can fill the gold needs using the Tourney Grounds (which also protect the Wall from Nothing Burns Like The Cold), Old Forest Hunters and Santa Clauses. And the usual Stewards of course.

I think I wrote enough. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

P.S. I do not sympathize with mr. Trump or his thoughts in any way. I like memes though.


Palpa 1

Nice one. Still trying to find the right plots for my own New Wall Deck, thanks for the ideas

Nimer 2590

Well done Carlos!!! #calernoregna!!! :P

Toaster 35

Hey thanks for the write up and congrats on the result.

I also have had the experience that the new Border Wall gets really crushed by The Faith Militant or Stark in general. Sometimes I also feel like not having a solid enough finisher myself, but your version seems to handle that quite well (with all the resets).

@Magnaos I have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind and have the time:
What are your thoughts on Night Gathers... as an alternative to Guarding the Realm? Is The Crow is a Tricksy Bird x3 just necessary, because you want to see that card as early as possible?

And would you like to fit a Here to Serve to get the Maesters more reliably? And which plot would be the best to swap for that?

Is Jon Snow (WotW) really that useful in this deck or more there for sentimental reasons?

And a last question: How is your general playstyle with this deck?

Thanks again for posting and have a nice day.

Toaster 35

I'm also always so tempted to put stuff like Mag the Mighty and Jaqen H'ghar into my deck when I already run 3x "The Last of the Giants", but I think your choice of running a lot of key cards as copies of three is a good one and why my dekcs are more inconsistent :D.

Toaster 35

@Magnaos If you think that Barring the Gates is a problem, how have you dealt with Da King in da Norf which arguably is even more of a problem, because Nefarious Acolyte can't handle it.

Magnaos 89

@Palpaand @Nimerthank you guys! :)

@ToasterThanks for your comments! I'll try to answer your questions in chronological order:

1) I would never play Night Gathers... as an alternative to Guarding the Realm, for the simple fact that the latter proved extremely useful everytime I drew it (I'd probably reccomend a 3x). Taking Night Gathers alone, it's a good card but I couldn't fit it in my deck for two reasons: I don't have much gold to spend, and it needs a higher reserve than your opponent's. Since I run only a 1x of both Samwell Tarly (Core) and Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, I wasn't confident on meeting this condition.

2) The Crow is a Tricksy Bird is not a necessary card, but it's one of those cards that I feel like they are too powerful to be ignored (another good example is His Viper Eyes). Playing one in early game would be perfect, but in every moment except in later turns it can make a good impact. You can also combine it with Varys's Riddle, Marched to the Wall or The Bloody Flux to really mess up your opponent's plans.

3) I didn't consider Here to Serve for two reasons: Maester Aemon (Core) is not necessary (it was a late-building add), so there are no real reasons to call him out. The Nefarious Acolytes are there to counter Barring the Gates, and that means that you should see it coming one turn earlier (because you can't play them with HTS if Barring is revealed). Too much to predict.

4) Jonny is absolutely unuseful, as I wrote in the "card choices" section. You don't have the gold to play him, and once out it can give you flexible strength but needs to survive your (and your opponent's) resets. Most of the time he will just stick around in your hand.

5) My playstyle is quite simple actually.

  • I always setup The Wall if I have another location to protect it from Nothing Burns.
  • I open almost always with Time of Plenty to build some board and draw that juicy extra card. With this only exception:
  • If I have a Tricksy Crow in hand I play it as soon as possible using either Trade Routes or Calling the Banners (or two Tourney Grounds if lucky).
  • During the earlier rounds I need to find the cards that allow the Wall to work, so I make my best to avoid the opponent to gain power. Play defensively, reset if needed, if I can't defend challenges I might not even try to gain power myself.
  • As soon as I get the "pieces" described in the "deep thoughts", my board will be naturally built on what I get from the opponent's discards. From that point, just play smart and make the best plays possible. There's not really a strategy, I follow the old meme "Improvise, adapt, overcome".

6) I tried a few times to insert characters like Big Mag and Jaqen when running LOTG, but only if I had the possibilities to marshal them too. In this deck it's not possible, due to their high cost. I prefer store the LOTG and wait for a Varys to eventually come in my hand.

7) Kim in the North is really painful, you can't do much during that turn. Play defensively and hope that the opponent doesn't reach 15 powers! During the tournament I managed to steal a Renly Baratheon (FFH) to shield myself, but it was pure luck.

Toaster 35

@MagnaosThank you very much for taking the time and answering in such great detail.

For now I've replaced Here's Johnny with Arry, or maybe Benjen Stark.


Von Wibble 179

What are your thoughts to Forgotten Plans? There are a lot of plots that can really hurt this deck (Kingindanorf, Barring), and just knowing that neither can happen for a plot can be big.

Magnaos 89

@Von WibbleMixed feelings about Alzheimer's plans. On one side it would be a solution for the two painful plots that you mentioned, on the other it has average-but-bad stats and might result in a useless plot. One solution could be playing a Tricksy Bird to make the opponent play one of those plots and then counter it with Forgotten, but what if you don't see any bird? I'm not really good at plot predicting, so I didn't feel like using a slot for it. If you feel lucky or you're good with predictions, definitely go for it!

Toaster 35

I wonder what the most cut-able cards / plots are to you in case I want to try something else?

BtW the power grabbing Banshee works out great as a substitution for Snow.

Magnaos 89

@Toaster Sorry, I forgot to answer!

To me, all characters except Messenger Pidgeon, [Yoren], Varys(/card/01129), and Vietnam Builder could be replaced. I'd like to try a banner version of some sort.

As for the locations and events, I don't think there's much to replace... unless you want to drop the Tricksy Bird for more strategy-suitable cards like Night Gathers... or something. The only location I'd cut is Bay of Seals, but it has such a high potential!

Even for the plots, I can't see many changes. The Bloody Flux, maybe, in favor of a Forgotten Plans?

I'm curious about what people will build in the future with the big wall. It came out only a week-and a half ago, so there's plenty of time to experiment!