FFG Night's Watch Intro Deck - The Brotherhood of the Watch

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Kakita_Shiro 831

Easy reference for anyone who wants to build this deck before the product comes out.

"The Night’s Watch Intro Deck features an emphasis on defensive tactics, using powerful locations like The Wall (Core) to accumulate power and fulfill your duty of defending Westeros from the terrors the dwell in the frozen lands beyond. If you can recruit men from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide spread of challenge icons to hold your defenses, the extra two power that you gain each round can lead you victory with an unmatched efficiency.

But you cannot hope to win the game of thrones with defense alone. When the time comes to strike back against the proud lords of Westeros, you can prevent your opponent from recruiting to their ranks with Septon Cellador and then attack with your Wildling allies like Ygritte, using Jon Snow (WotW) to lead them in multiple attacks and claim victory once your enemy’s defense is weakened. The great families have had their chance to lead the realm to peace and prosperity, and all they have done is feed their own greed and ambition. Your duty is to defend the realm, and if war is how you must accomplish that task, then so be it."

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MasterLee 1

Thanks for doing this, it's impossible to find these lists anywhere else for some strange reason!