Qohor, What is it good for?

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Q'hllor: How to beat GJ Prince - German Grand Champ (8-1) 63 39 13 1.0

DvM_BooM 52

3rd out of 37 at King at High Garden Regional.

I’m not going to go into huge amounts of detail. General idea is stall and control early, dig for attachments (red keep is vital for this) and once your set up (usually searching out all three Traitors) you use Bob with lightbringer or Bastard of Nightsong to close out fast.

King Stannis is a wonderful early stall piece and will lure out Valar D. It’s hard for them to gain power when their bigs don’t contribute and their chuds are 0 or 1 strength in power challenges.

There are some cards on the chopping block after the tournament.

Stormlands, tempo hit to play and I didn’t need the ability as much as I thought I would (Mace/Cat) as you can always tutor a milk.

Close call, I think this could be more draw or eccon, you can play around agro.... but it had uses when people milked Cressen and I could kill and replay him.

Barring the gates, this needs to be a 2x to be effective.

Amazing/undervalued cards Ser Justin Massey, amazing every time I saw him, can’t be 2x because of breaking ties.

King Stannis’ power ability.

Want a second Isle of Ravens, adds so much flexibility to where and when you pay your attachments


Lottrando 1

Why do you run Bastard in Hiding over Devan Seaworth?

ixwt 161

No Clash of Kings?

DvM_BooM 52

Clash is something I would add over barring/close call. With this said, I never felt like I NEEDED clash, deck is strong without it.
Devan is probably the correct call, even if it is jut to go isle of Ravens, but I’d add a second one of those anyway as it adds so much versitilty.

Lottrando 1

@DvM_BooMI tried this deck yesterday and it seemed decent. I cut both Bastard in Hiding for Devan Seaworth and Support of the People and I cut Close Call for The King in the North.

DvM_BooM 52

Lottrando, I’d be far more likely to add clash over King in the North. King in the North is a plot so many decks are teaching for is often just becomes a 5/2/1 plot, which is why I tried barring instead. I may do work in a deferent meta, but there was only one game I might have played it be barring did the same thing. I can see support being useful as a 4th Red keep.