Martell Alliance 2° Place @Late Summer Feast 22/07/2018

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Martell/Bara/Stark alliance (6th place reg) 1 1 1 1.0
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F1br4 116

Hello to all. this is my Alliance Martell deck 2nd place at the Pinerolo regional (76 players). 5 - 1 in swiss and the final lost against Nimer (a train on my face XD). the deck is very simple. the 2 Building Orders are used to find Dorne, the continuous draw allows you to create a hand suited to every need.


Madus 7

Is only 1 seized by the guard enough ? Locations like the new wall, Hightower or Dorne are very popular in the meta.

dockellis 828

When 75 cards just isn't enough, haha.

Well done, Nico is a true end boss, so no shame losing there. :P

F1br4 116

:) ty