Mee, Myself and Meereen - Blackwater top cut

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imabunneh 366

There's nothing special here. There were no published lists with Meereen on Thronesdb for me to steal but I love the card (draw 3 every turn is bonkers), so I threw one together.

The deck's not designed to abuse Meereen, it's a burn deck with MEereen HRD chucked in. Used Meereen in challenges most of the time (draw me some events, protect hand from Intrigue or HVE or bastard daughers whatevers).

Quick report:

Game 1 - Martell Wolf - Win

Just kept burning his stuff. Played a Crown on Nymeria. Played a Crown on Shadow City Bastard. Martell are really weak to burn Dany, Blood of Dragon etc.

Game 2 - Tyrell Stag - Win

I didn't do much, I burned Mace to death with my opponent forgetting to use Arbor Queen or Renly's Ride. Win by default.

Game 3 - Stark HRD - Win

Bran was annoying me but after I killed him twice it became smooth sailing to a win at time. I don't think he ever broke 2 power.

Game 4 - NW Greensight - Win

New Wall. I had no right winning this game, I was up like 3 power at time. If the game continued I wouldn't have won. New Wall is quite upsetting.

Game 5 - Stark Qohor - Win

This was the eventual winner. I top decked Crown on my Blood turn, killed duped Wyman, which also meant Sansa fell over immediately. Top decking is pure skill.

Game 6 - Targ HRD - Lose

Meereen too, but a much better deck designed to PROPERLY abuse Meereen not like me. Couldn't draw econ or characters early, so ended up giving a ton of UO power, which meant he was able to close just before I finished killing all his uniques.

Top 16 - NW Greensight - Lose

Got fucked on draw, opponent got some shit hot draw, lost at time 14-1. I never passed 1 power. This deck is shit against new Wall. Maybe I should add a copy of Tycho and make them steal him so they can't win at time :^)

Great tournament as always, Dave and Vince are top tier and congrats to Joe for a hard earned win!


Stormborn 301

Nice deck. The Wall is tough for Targ.

hansn 90

Sure thing, the New Wall is a bastard card, just lucky it first showed up in the last round. :D