Targaryen LotC - Battle of Blackwater Top 8 2018

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Targaryen LotC HJ Top 16 Euros Joust - All the Restricted Ca 6 2 10 1.0
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Stormborn 301

My Blackwater deck - feel free to make comments.


Von Wibble 173

How did you do for money? I see only 8 economy cards (plus Tibwhid) and only 1 plot with high gold, yet Dany and Drogo in the deck?

Stormborn 301

It's a problem in some games for sure. I'm a 8 limited guy and sometimes I don't see enough economy but limiteds can be cards you don't want to see later on or to see loads in your hand. I hear of people playing 10 limited as standard, I'm not sure what the right number is but I've been playing 8 as standard (so I can have 52 interesting cards in my deck) and it's generally fine. Maybe City Gates will make 9 more palatable.