Top Stark and King of Swiss Fracas VI Joust

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Olo 56

To everyone who was curious about it: This is my Stark deck. Based around Stark monster cards: Robb Stark (Core), Catelyn Stark (WotN) and Winterfell with cards like Wyman Manderly and I Am No One to setup your board. It can adapt to almost any opponent and play accordingly.

Fracas Joust:

  1. Chris Sweeney: Stark – "The Rains of Castamere" Win
  2. Archiline: Tyrell – The Wars To Come Win
  3. Jamie Bamfield: Tyrell – The Wars To Come Win
  4. NAGY David: Targaryen – The Wars To Come Win
  5. Stephen Ebrey: Stark – The Lord of the Crossing Win
  6. Chris Meeuwsen: Stark – "The Rains of Castamere" Win
  7. Emīls Stīpnieks: Tyrell – The Lord of the Crossing Win
  8. Top32 Lucid: Baratheon – The Wars To Come Win
  9. Top16 Zbignev Monkevic: Martell – The Wars To Come Win
  10. Top8 Andrei Potop: Targaryen – The Lord of the Crossing Loss

I took this deck also to 1st place in Krakow Regionals and 3rd in Katowice Regionals


imabunneh 366

Why Fealty over Wars?

Olo 56

Fealty gives you what Starks need most: Economy Wars well to be blunt i think gives you nothing

Neoptolemos 525

"almost any opponent" - do you think it has any bad matchup? I think only Tyrells have similar toolbox and potential, but apparently you had no problem with them?

Olo 56

So far I have no idea how to beat GJ Big Guys - their 7 cost monsters (all four of them) just beat up Starks and you have to accept there is nothing you can do against them.

Neoptolemos 525

I see. Sadly all Greyjoys at Fracas didn't perform well enough and missed the cut ;) but I think Dagmer doesn't hurt you, since he can steal only FB and eventually Northern Armory.

Anyway, congratulations! Wyman gave this deck final cut!

JoePerson 488

Thanks for sharing.

Any changes you would make with the new pack?

Alao how do you deal with Mace? Without milks it seems like he could race you to the finish with no way to stop him, unless I'm missing something.


Jools 46

Great deck and great score Olo. Poland at its finest!

Olo 56

@JoePersonyou can race against Mace Tyrell (HoT). It is not hard to close in third turn and The Withering Cold or Begging Brother should slow him down enough to make it first. Rounds 2 and 3 were about running faster than Mace Tyrell (HoT). On Worlds I could outrun HiperViper 3 times.

The only new card worth considering is White Harbor but im not sure what to cut to make place.

SergSel 32

Congrats! Did you ever feel the need for any valar d or m?

Olo 56

Never. You dont need it here. Either you have them where you want them or you are in such a mess no plot would save you.