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Dothraki Engagement Party - Winner UK Nats 2018 29 18 5 1.0
Top 4 Australian Nationals 2018 4 2 4 1.0

Babaz 107

Hi everyone! This is the deck with which i arrive 2° at the Flea Bottom Fracas VI (120 players).


I started to build the deck after European Championships. The idea to do a lot of tricks with Aegon Targaryen, Qotho, Daario Naharis, Freedmen, Khal Drogo and Seconds Sons together to Lord of the Crossing Agenda like me a lot.

The first version is more different form this final version because I play card like “Counting Coppers, Training with the Pentoshi, Daenerys Targaryen Core, The Dragons, Dracarys, Crown of Gold and The Hand’s Judgment. But after many tournaments and testing I have understood that needed changes that I do in this way:

  1. I change Counting Coppers with Close Call. I have more 3x unique characters and 2 gold is not enough for the economy of the deck. So is better 5 gold, 1 draw card and the possibility to play characters that are dead.
  2. During the Regional of Milan i have noticed that were more the times that I discarded dracarys for play Qotho or Plaza of Pride rather that the times when I use it normally. So I decided to bring it out together to Crown of Gold and Drogon for do place for 3x Meereen, 2x Nightmare and the third copy of Aegon Targaryen. Meeren help me to have card to play after my plot You Win or you Die or when I discard so many cards for the Targaryen effects.
  3. At the Late Summer Feast (Regional of Torino) I have lost the games owing of the King of the North plot, so I have to resolve the problem. At the same tournament I have noticed that Daenerys don’t work so good with Meeren because if you use it in challenge phase many times you have to discard the card that you draw with Daenerys. Then analysing all this i have decided of remove Daenerys and the Rhaegal for do place to the 3x copy of King Targaryen Hizdahz zo Loraq, Ser Barristan Selmy and Dothraki Honor Guard. The choice was perfect. The king not only helped me against the King plot but me allowed of increase the number of tricks of the deck, works great with Meerreen and Aegon and especially created also economy.
  4. On suggestion of Giovanni Fassiolo, seen that now the curve of costs is more low and that therefore the Martell and Stark can be a problem with they tricks I decide to change Trading with the Pentosci me too on The King of the North and to improve the number of Daario Naharis at 2x. I have to thank Giovanni because this decision was amazing and has allowed me to win some games and to put in trouble many opponents during the tournament.
  5. Finally I decide to remove 2x of The Hand’s Judgment to make the place for the third copy of Nightmare and the third copy of Viserys. Viserys because I expected many starks and Qohor. Nightmare because is the only response that I have on Dorne, Margery, Varys. So I need to see it.

I want to thank all my metametas and my playtesting team for helping me coming up with this deck.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment, I’ll do my best to answer when I read them. 
I hope you enjoy the deck!



Stormborn 301

Awesome run to the final. Congratulations! What would you change going forward?

Babaz 107

Thanks @Stormborn was a very fun tournament :)

Now with che new chapter I think begun a Stark meta so can be a problem to put characters in play during the challenge phase and olso the new Greyjoy Character can block your Aegon and the other trick of the deck. So I think must be find a solution at this future problem and to find ad alternative at the only nightmare solution at Dorne an Hightower. But I think that unfortunately there is not much to do for this problem :(

zack 126

Congrats for your final !

I wonder what's the point of running the 2 dragons, given you no longer have neither Dany nor events that need them? Is it just for trolling the opponent into fearing a Dracarys? Or is it for the no attachment?

Babaz 107

Thanks @zack :)

I play the two dragons in one copy only because they are no attachment so good against Ward and because their cost, strength and icons are perfect for a character you need in a crossing deck.

Vancluysenflor 9

Such an interesting and new way of playing targ crossing. Congrats on your run during the tournament.

Would you consider playing begging brothers for the stark/Martell/tyrell trickery? Or does the passive text on lot of stark cards make this less useful?

Babaz 107

Thanks `@Vancluysenflor! ;)

Begging can be a possibility at the place of the two dragons but with so many ward that are at the tournament can be a risk a play them. Sure they improve your matchup against Martell and Tyrell but all depend of the meta because if is Stark meta unfortunately become more useless

Tj13 141

bravo veramente bel deck. nice deck out of the box

SpiriT 177

Very strong and most importantly creative deck. Just runs through most of the other decks in the meta. Congrats, Andrei!