Bald Boss on a sledge! - Top16 Fracas Joust (2nd Bara)

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kuwalek 5

For everyone who is interested in my deck. Earlier, I was only participating in local tournaments, and Fracas was my first major event. From the beginning of my game I always play Bara and only with them I want to reach the tops! :) I will not describe the strategy of the game, because it is not simple and depends on the situation. Sometimes i play offensive with Bob, sometimes domination is useful, and in general no character is crucial in itself. If you have to sacrifice Bob to clean Valar Morghulis table with Randyl and duplicates and other larger characters, he goes to the flames of the Red God. I will just add that the deck is prepared for the new CP3, so Tobho Mott's Armory and The Red Keep will be exchanged for 2x Blackwater Bay. Then really game is plasure, because we have stable draw cards.

Fracas Joust:

  1. Daniel Naumovas The Wars To Come (I lost mainly because it was my first game, I was mega sleepy and I counted the points in the domination badly :( ) - Loss
  2. Vodecki The Wars To Come - Win
  3. ASZ Fealty (new Wall) - Win
  4. Donovan Van Beeck Banner of the Dragon (economic plots, every turn included characters with a cost of 6/7 with duplicates, to many renowns, Robb in setup) - Loss
  5. Lucky The Wars To Come - Win
  6. Antonis Vasilakopoulos The Wars To Come - Loss (Really Champion, fantastic game)
  7. Udaj The Wars To Come - Win
  8. Top64 Per Engstrom The Wars To Come - Win
  9. Top32 Kabe Tome The Lord of the Crossing - Win
  10. Top16 Antonis Vasilakopoulos The Wars To Come - Loss (ReMatch - maybe if I did not hit the champion again, maybe I would go further :) )

I invite you to evaluate and discuss.


antonis10a 1

Congrats on your top 16 finish man! You should be proud that you brought a classic Bara Fealty and did that well! I'll admit on our first game i was really lucky on INT pulls. Second game was much more balanced. I was also scared for a moment because on turn 2 you had 8 power and i had 2.

Lohn 25

Is Dragonstone castle too costly to be played here?

Diomedes 2842

Congrats man! Lovely to see so many different decks in the cut at Fracas :)

Why didn't you include Lightbringer?

kuwalek 5

@Lohn Yes, Dragonstone Castle is too expensive for my deck :(

@Diomedes Before Fracas, when I tested my deck, then I play Lightbringer, but finally i changed him on Consolidation of Power, because I had only Bob and one Baristan with Renown, Bald and one Gendry in dominance. Of course, help me stand this character with Stannis or after Winter, but too often it isn't practical. Nightmares and Milk of the Poppy also turn off Lightbringer. I uses: Fiery Followers, Ser Justin Massey, Light of the Lord, Ours is the Fury to get up my character. When i play King Stannis and Fickle Bannerman, then it is better option to play. In turn Consolidation of Power kneels small characters (Martell, NW) my opponent and allows to draw cards from Blackwater Bay. I don't know what to remove to fit Lightbringer. What do you think about it, @Diomedes?

Diomedes 2842

I would remove 3 cards to get down to 60 cards first. :P

I think Lightbringer is too good to leave out with the Core Set Big 3 and Fealty. Maybe remove the Shadow Priestesses, Storm's End (only good if you see the Stormlands Fiefdoms) and 1 event.

kuwalek 5

@Diomedes The probability of choosing one card from the deck of 63 cards, and from the deck of 60 cards differs by one percent, and because of the validity of each card I left 63 cards. But I think I will try to replace Storm's End with Lightbringer.