Elite CPR Squad - Top 8 UK nationals

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Isian.H 699

TLDR - good deck. I swear. glass candles weren’t the best.

Took the Euros deck and changed it a bit. nothing drastic.

changes i’d make. -1 exchange for either coppers, summons or building orders -2 glass candles +2 dragonbinder

Cards that performed well on the day

  • Vince <3 he cancelled lots of sexy triggers pretty much winning me games. cancelling Qotho and Aegon slows down the crossing deck a lot. cancelling reducer chuds was good fun.
  • Valar Morghulis straight up won me games.
  • Old wyk provides lots of power gain (with Drowned Disciple and challenge strength. Works really well with vince or given to drowned god for a free body or cards without reducing your board presence.
  • uneasy truce was amazing as it slows down opponent but still lets you gain power on your guys

Game 1 vs Sam Pigden Targ lion smash bros (W) Was a shame because meta mate with fun deck. I had a really good setup and saw disciples. I cancelled his Tyrion trigger with vince to stop him putting me to the sword. won turn 3 marshalling

Game 2 vs Dan Mulchrone Tyrell wars (W) I had decent start but was a bit slow. he was racking up power on randyl and another renown body. Valar got rid of 6 power on opponent side and left him with no bodies and managed to outrush mace post Valar. Vince cancelled randy trigger and maybe a mace (can’t remember)

Game 3 vs Sandy Targ Crossing (W) close game that could have gone either way. saw all three vince and he cancelled Qotho twice and an Aegon which pretty much won me the game. Thanks based vince

Game 4 vs Matt Herdman Tyrell Wars (L) Keys meta mate, Very close game. Went to 15-13. needed to see one of 5 cards or so to ensure victory but didn’t.

Game 5 vs Kostas Stark Fealty (L) mulliganed into a reducer roseroad setup with 5 limiteds in my hand and events. drew back into more limiteds. exchange didn’t help and drew into more limited and events. saw 3 characters all game and 8/10 econ cards.

Game 6 vs James Parsons Nights Watch Wars (W) I wasn’t struggling too much but the halfhand hit the board and was going to start cutting his was through my bearded dudes if it weren’t for vince cancelling him twice before I was in a position to Valar and vince the aemon save. than you based vince.

We made it. Cue rave montage.

Hungover top 16 vs Joe Harrison Targ Crossing (W) Had to play meta mate joe Harrison which sucked. Had a decent start. Saw two crucial vinces. it was a chill game but super close. I won 15 13

Top 8 vs Mr Rebecca Stark Rains Bork (L) had a weird setup with weird draw and his wards slowed me down a lot. I saw three vinces but used em on greywind 3x. piece of shit dog. slowly ground the game out to a loss not much I could have done. GG

get on the boat it’s time to go home


mplain 211

Thanks for posting this! Looking at your list and at mine, I'd like to ask about specific cards that i'm not running:

  • Stony Shore Raider?? but why? why not Shipwright?

  • Nighttime Marauders - neither DG nor Ironborn, are they that good?

  • Nightmares better than HJ here?

  • Forgotten Plans for King plot?

  • How good are Calm and Wildfire?

Plus could you comment on some cards that I'm running but you aren't:

  • Risen

  • Ghosts of Harrenhal

  • The King in the North

Any insight would be helpful, thanks!

Benji 758

TLDR : Solid stuff. Congrats for the result.

Most interesting point of the list : Valar Morghulis straight up. Interesting move. I think we could agree that in-game VM is not stellar.

Old Wyk x3 ? I stopped playing it and did not felt wrogn abou that. Without a Fanatic in dead pile, it's closer to bad than good.

Why you prefer StonyShore raider would be interesting. I kinda see what point you want to made, but I am more interested by the practicality of it.

So you're running three additional plots for things like Calm, Wildfire, Feast. Somehow of a cumfort choice. I guess they can make a slight difference, but at the point of preferring this agenda ?

Summary : Solid Work. Like the eclectic plotline choices.

hagarrr 579


Toaster 35

I also don't quite understand some card choices, I would love if you could elaborate on why you are running 63 cards in total and if one King of Salt and Rock is enough to combat the very popular Da KING in de Norf?

@mplainI think stony shore raiders main purpose is just having a icon.

Thanks for the info. Love the Drowned Gods and merci beacoup Vincent.