Melee: Kings of Swiss German/US Nationals

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Polli85 171

First of all, thanks to Johannes - Stahleck Melee Champion from 2017. Without his hints and insights this deck wouldn't exist.

I piloted this deck in the German Nationals, won three tables and finished second at the final table. Implications are maybe limited, as this was a 9 person tournament with 3 three player tables in Swiss (Stahleck rules). However, this is also the deck Matt used at US Nats, becoming King of Swiss too in a larger and maybe more competitive tournament. I am not sure if Matt ran this deck 1:1 or used an iteration of it.

I myself would make just one change in plots. I included Time of Plenty in case i see no I Am No One or Wyman Manderly and run out of cards too fast. Time of Plenty also has enough gold to not let you fall behind. However, i never used it. Looking back, it was a mistake not to include Wildfire Assault with Catelyn Stark (WotN), so maybe change Time of Plenty for that.

Bolton Flayer is fun in Melee, Ward can be good too, but the most MVP in the deck is I Am No One, especially on a The Withering Cold turn, which i usually flipped on T2 when i have Robb, Wyman or I am No One out or on hand. Fun Fact: I ran two times into a Forgotten Plans with Withering Cold, but i don't regret this plot choice.

Congratulations to our German national champion Michael. I feel i could have won the final table, but a duel (killed Cat, kneeled Robb) and a following Coldhands (bye bye Robb) was too much to handle. Curse of King of Swiss, like always.

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