Trading with Burning!

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Tyre 1

This deck is something I have been playing around with recently. The premise is to cycle Crown of Gold multiple times during a game by using Trading With Qohor to sac a Ward in favour of a Crown of Gold. By using the Ghiscari Elite and Wise Masters to get [Ward]or other useful attachments back into your deck/hand you can abus... re-use attachments repeatedly.

You will note that the cost curve is fairly low, mostly because finding enough econ can be hard with Alliance and I didn't want to add more knowing that Targ was getting their non-limited econ location soon. I haven't updated this to include Meereenese Market now that is available, but i think it is a no brainer for this deck. the Meereenese Market may even be able to replace some of the Ghiscari Elite and Wise Master in favour of some characters that are more impactful in challenges.

Plot wise I think you can choose between Duel and Valar Dohaeris. I've chosen Duel as I've had a few experiences where I've had control of the board only to find my own Valar Dohaeris hits me hard on the 7th plot. Duel won't hit you at all, and it can be very satisfying to see an opponent choose between a duped Euron and a duped Asha to be sent to the dead pile.

The one thing this deck is lacking is power gain. It is slow due to the lack of renown bodies or other passive power gain. So finding room for a Sansa Stark (Core) for some passive power gain, or some such could be beneficial.

Have fun!

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