"Ванчо Gathers" Athens Regional 3rd place (King of Swis

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Hey Guys, Here is my NW Banner Wolf Deck I ran this weekend at Athens Regional. The deck is centered by The Wall. Most of the tools in the deck are centered to enable it.

Marched to the Wall - Best removal card in the game :). In the current heave dupes meta and Qohor running Bodyguards this shines. We have Mutiny, Ward and Flayers to put pressure.

Ramsay Snow - Another sacrifice effect where we don't care for the saves.

Recruiter for the Watch - I love this guy. They mainly protect my few decent characters in the early game, and late game they protect opponents good cards :).

Veteran Builder - He stands the wall and protects power with Flea Bottom. Noting much to say.

Yoren, Guarding the Realm and Isle of Ravens filter opponents discard of the small stuff so I can get to them with The Wall.

The Bay of Seals & The Dreadfort - serve as occasional stand and mainly protection along side the other non-limited locations from Nothing Burns Like The Cold. Also there can't be Ванчо deck without some weird card and here it is The Dreadfort :D.

On the plot side we have my good friend LGB plot meta defining nightmare. I love the plot, I have several loyal characters that can be recurred with FB mainly Yoren, Ravens and a lot of other small loyal card my opponents have. Again another tool to enable Marched or The Wall.

My matches on the day were:

Game 1 vs The Wars To Come (W) - We both had a good start but my opponent didn't know what to expect. at some point of the game he left Asha Greyjoy (Km) alone on the board when he had an option to save a chud. He didn't expect 2nd Marched and I managed to steal her and control the game from there.

Game 2 vs The Wars To Come (W) - Our Greece curse. I met Petar at 1:0. I had great start with Harrenhal (GoH) and some small cards. Being unable to have a steady start. Game went my way slowly.

Game 3 vs Kings of Summer (W) - Greece curse continues. I met Teo. Had same situation with Petar. I set up Bran Stark (Core) and Harrenhal. Same situation. Slow control over what I choose to kill. Bran cancelled Nightmares. I closed the game with Randyll & Brienne.

Game 4 vs Kings of Summer (W) - This is one of the matchups I was most afraid and I don't do well vs passive or really rushy stuff. Opponent started with Davos and Cressen. Cressen is huge problem so I decided to march with Ward in hand. Cressen was marched and Davos left alone on the board. Mel and reducer were marshaled and kneeling Samwell. I warded Davos did and Marched Mell turn 2. Yoren got Cressen. From there it was slow and steady control with Queenscrown.

Game 5 vs Alliance ( & Qohor). Those was one of those fast scary decks. I started 4 cards set up and drew into Harrenhal and The Wall. Oppend Trading with the Pentoshi and opponent let me go first. Marshaled both. Opponent tried to bait me with Ser Jon Fossoway, after that Ser Cortnay Penrose was given to the death god that is HH. T1 I stole Courtier with recruiter to avoid the stand on Jon with Arbor Queen. Game went to 12-0 for my opponent until I managed to get a hold of the game. Only peace that was in the discard pile that was alive was The Bastard of Nightsong and he closed the game for me. There was a Valar Morghulis that wiped opponents board clean at some point.


Top 8 Game vs my Round 1 opponent ("W") - He knew what was going on and game went his way but he had to drop after the game. We played for that sweet House Botley card.

Top 4 Game vs The Lord of the Crossing (L) - another really scary fast deck. I had a really slow start. Opponent set up reducer and Balon Greyjoy (Core) with Corsair's Dirk. Set up Ranging party, Isle and card in shadows (Flayer). Drew into Ramsay and Ocean road. Had to March my Ranging Party to be able to Ramsy Balon. Small Theon showed up to ruin my day. Opponent missed an opportunity to close on Rise of the Kraken and I managed to hold to turn 7 with Wall, Queenscrown, Isle, where he top decked into Euron Crow's Eye that I couldn't stop (Renown). He was at 1 power for several turns after the 3rd.

The deck did really well and I happy that after only 2-3h testing the previous day it came to this.

Cheers, Ivan "Ванчо" Ivanov


NikolaP 55

Congrats on your result, Vancho!

Apopas 1

Hey buddy! Here the other guy who played NW yesterday! It was a very fun day. Congratulations for the 3rd place! I hope to see you again in the next tournaments.