Bay of Crabs Winner- ( 9-1)

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Juggernaut-75 103

Hey guys, I went to battle of the Bay of Crabs in Maryland and for those of you that know me, I am a member of the strombruhs podcast. First I just want to thank Todd Moyer for throwing a great tournament. I had a great time and it was a great tournament.

I played targ/HRD for, what I think is the best card in the game, Meereen. I want to give a lot of credit to Tom Melucci. I played against him on NJ at the Lord of the Crossing tournament and he beat up on a lot of people that day playing targ/HRD deck. I went back and watched the stream of his games and build a similar deck to his with some changes.

Tournament Report Round 1- Bara/Brotherhood- Played against a person who was new to the game. This was an easy win for me. I was able to just abuse meereen and breaking ties and just control the game for the win.

Round 2- GJ/Crossing- (Michael Arroyo)- This was my only lose of the day. He was playing Big Vic and had him and Big Asaha both dupped on turn 1. I never had more than one burn card in my hand at a time, and with the crossing bonus his guys were just way to big. He used drown god fanatic to cancel some of my card effects and he just kept killing him and putting him back into play so he could get off all three challenges. He played a great game and beat up pretty bad.

Round 3- Stark/Crossing- (Jerrin Wagner)- He was playing stark crossing and I mentioned that I was a strombruh and asked if it was the National winning deck, (run by Dustan Archer, one of the Bruhs) because I built part of that deck and was very familiar with it. He said no, that it was Chris Thompsons deck from NJ, I played against Chris in NJ and knew the deck did not run a reset. I just flooded the board with guys, because targ can just cheat on gold and I was on control and won the game.

Round 4- GJ/Free folk- (Patrick Onofre)- This is a deck that runs about six 2 claim plots and with the free folk agenda, he is able to put on a bunch of pressure with 2 to 4 mil claim a turn. He never saw any eco and I was able to kill his entire board turn 1, included a dbl consuming flame on his rattleshirt. After that, I was just able to expand my board and burn his board away. This was an easy win for me. Meereen is able to counter his 2 claim int and targ allows me to just flood the board to hinder his 2 mil claim. Probably the worst matchup for free folk.

Round 5- Bara/rose/qohor- (Chris Vac)- This was a tuff game, mainly because Chris is my King for thronestoberfest. This is a very tuff matchup for targ because his guys are generally very big and hard to burn. He made the mistake, of thinking that I did not play Valar M. I was able to Valar his board away and save my hizdar and kill his bob and after that I just controlled the game and won.

Round 6- Targ/Lion- (Todd Moyer)- This was another game that I felt in control the entire game. Was able to apply a lot of early pressure with FB and burn. He made the mistake of playing his own FB and did not play his meereen. I was able to int the Meereen out of his hand and I just controlled the game and won.

Round 7- Top 16- Tyrell/HRD- this was a bitter-bridge deck. I took a chance and assumed that he did not play any reset. Thanks to Andrew Kim for telling me about 4 of his plots and after hearing them I made the choice that I am gonna go wide and just try and over power his big tyrell characters. He only set up hightower and then bitter-bridge a Mace into play, I put hizdar into play. I was able to dbl consumming flame his mace and then wipe his board with mil claim. After that the game was pretty much over. He never came back from that and I just controlled the entire game and cruised to victory.

Round 8- Top 8- Targ/Crossing- (Mel Palmer)- This was another game that I felt very much in control. I was able to hit my burn and she did not hit any of hers. I was getting 2 to 3 unopposed challenges a turn. I was able to keep her board small and just defend the challenges I needed to and win challenges on O.

Round 9- Top 4- Martel/Fealty- (Derek Shoemaker)- Targ is a really bad matchup for martel. Pretty much every single one of their characters can get burned. This was another game that I felt completely in control. Seeing 5 cards a turn because of meereen is really insane and I was able to keep his board very small, basically he had 1 to 2 characters a turn. I was able to block or burn his guys and just get unopposed challenges for the win.

Round 10 - Finals- Targ/Wars- (Martin Naze)- Martin is a great player from the DC meta. This was probably the only game, besides the one I lost, where I felt behind. He set up machine guy dany turn 1 and hit some burn. He was just not able to really establish any eco. Turn 2 I had to valar him to kill his dany, he throws down dbl hizdar. I use ageon and get daario out to protect my board and start building up. Next turn I was trade routes to play dbl khal drogo with a beggar king and I re-establish my board. I am able to then use you win or you die and get 4 mil claim on him, and unopposed power and this is when I turn the corner because I was able to kill his Hizdar. Next plot was King in the north and that was the game. He had no eco and no king and I was at about 11 or 12 power and won it that turn.

Overall this deck is super strong because meereen is an amazing card and synergies extremely well with hizdar and everything else in this deck. I really ever felt behind and pretty much felt in control every game. This deck gets to abuse the most powerful cards in the game, meereen, breaking ties, king in the north and other. Great tournament and I hope you all enjoy.


Stormborn 301

Congratulations with your win. With the RL and new CP out, what changes would you make?

Juggernaut-75 103

The only real change I would make is breaking ties would become marched to the wall. I would have to test new drogon and see if it's worth fitting in another 6 cost character. In addition I might take out 1 or 2 consuming flame to fit in daznaks pit. But it is also something I would test first.

Itachi 1

Thanks for posting your list! I have a question for you though: why new dany over core dany with only 8 events? Would core dany also fit in well?

Letodan 13

Hello!! I tried playing that deck. My first game was an easy win but, my second game was a disaster. I understand the advantage of having Meereen but, quite often, I draw the cards that I wish I would have wanted to marshal instead of just discarding. Do you play Meereen mostly in the Challenge phase or, do you also play it in the marshal phase? I mean, what is your main goal while playing? Protecting the cards you already have in your deck from intrigue, trying to get events to play right away? I got Aegon while drawing for Meereen during the challenge phase. It meant that he would go straight away in the discard pile and do nothing else... I've only played twice with it for now but, if you have any tricks, that would help me!

Juggernaut-75 103

@Letodan you want to meereen during the marshaling phase. You only want to see events during the challenge phase and since the majority of the deck can be played during the marshaling phase that's when you want to meereen. You don't care about int challenges you draw 5 cards a turn