Drowned Guys Never Die

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Draconav 9

It's a generally passive deck that can absorb most challenges and accumulate power quickly, without having to win challenges.

Repetitive claims hurt the most, that's why The House with Nagga's Ribs helps with the characters being placed in the dead pile, where you can do something with them. 3 x Given to the Drowned God is the best fuel, both killing your drowned god's stuff and refilling your hand. Dragonbinder supports your kill something mode and replenishes your board with better bodies. Balon Greyjoy (CtA) and Victarion Greyjoy (LoCR) are there for the endgame.

You should keep in mind that you always need a way to kill a character you control at will, and it's better to ensure you can keep doing it each round, than triggering everything at once for a short power burst (unless you win :P)

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