Shireen and her Green Apples (1st, Rookery Aussie Nationals)

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Inspired by previously successful Bara Rose and Bara Alliance Rose Qohor decks, I decided to build my own for a Rookery side event at the 2018 Australian Nationals. Using this deck, I went undefeated in the 20-player tournament.

My record was:

R1: Bara Wars (W) - I was able to deny him Red Keep triggers, went first to out-intimidate his Robert Baratheon, and well timed Nightmares and King plot stopped his Melisandre.

R2: Stark Fealty (W) - Skagos deck that almost wrecked me with Marched and a double Ramsay Snow via Skagos. Thankfully I was able to rebuild my board post-VM while he was unable to do so.

R3: Greyjoy Greensight (W) - A pillage deck that managed to mill about half my deck before my Knights rushed to victory.

R4: Stark Faith (W) - This was the closest and most intense game. I got to 14 power thanks to Tourney for the King, but two Wildfires meant I leaked a lot of power which was on characters. He got to 13 power but Shireen and Nightmares were able to stall him, allowing me to win initiative and the game on a plot 8 Tourney for the King.

The deck is basically what you would expect. Good old Bobby B with stand tech (Highgarden Courtier and Justin Massey), plus Knights-based power rush.

MVP of the day was new Shireen, a card that blew me away with how good it was - especially after I had previously blasted it as a terrible card. I'd definitely include her at more than a 1x in future. The other notable mention would be the incredibly efficient Green-Apple Knights.

The Rookery cards were: 2x Milk, 2x Old Bill Bone (for Free Folk and Faith Militant), 1x Nightmares, 2x Spears of the Merling King (if a Valar Morghulis was expected, usually against Greyjoy and Martell), 2x Begging Brother, 1x The Iron Throne, Weapons at the Door (for Qohor), and Fortified Position.

All the Rookery cards (apart from the 2nd copy of Old Bill Bone) were used at least once during the tournament.

In this rush and stand meta, Bara kneel is dead. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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