Top 4 Australian Nationals 2018

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Redal59 67

This was the deck I recently had some success with at Australian Nationals 2018 achieving top 4 from a field of 28 players.

A big thanks to all my meta mates from Wardens of the Inner West for the amazing trip and all the serious testing a refining in the months leading up to the event.

Sandy Barnabas also gave me some great advice in the week leading up to the event too.

Rather than give a blow by blow of every round I'll just give a brief description. Feel free to ask questions.

In the months of testing leading up our group identified Stark and Targ Crossing as likely the decks to beat and a lot of testing involved those decks. Michael Harris one of our crew was keen on Free Folk but the testing for that seemed to prove it was more inconsistent than we liked so we largely ignored it afterward. About a week before the event some of the crew started to sour on Stark Crossing and more attention focused on Tyrell Queensguard decks both Alliance Qohor and straight Banner Dragon decks. They seemed to be a potential counter to Targ Crossing provided they could see their pieces early enough.

GJ Crossing was also a serious deck taken amongst our group after Drowned God was tested and put aside as inconsistent and too slow. Martell Wars was brought as well.

In the end there wasn't much Stark to be seen a few Faith decks and Rains. Targ Crossing was probably the most popular deck with a significant GJ representation too.

I ended up beating GJ Crossing, Stark Faith, GJ Crossing, Tyrell Dragon then losing to Bara Free Folk in the last round of Swiss.

In the cut I beat the same Tyrell Dragon before losing once again to the Bara Free Folk deck.

Ultimately another Targ Crossing deck was the eventual winner to quite honestly no great surprise.

The basic formula has been consistently strong for quite a while now huge tempo plays from Hizdahr/Aegon along with all the stand and Military pressure from Drogo. The deck really sings obviously when you hit with both spikes.

Fortified Position was a great last minute inclusion given the plethora of decks focus on big bodies with renown. Despite switching off Drogo etc it does allow you to push the advantage provided by Crossing the extra power gain and str on the last challenge and all the natural stand in the deck.


docents 1

what is reason behind "king in the north plot"?

docents 1

oh just noticed that Hizdahr is a King. anyways, did this plot any work?

Pavarok 1

What's the ideal target for Aegon to hit ?

Redal59 67

@docents Yeah the King plot can do a lot of work particularly against Martell and NW obviously for their lack of any widely played kings. It's less useful against popular Stark, Tyrell and GJ decks and of course other Targ decks given the popularity of King attachments and characters.
Even then though If your lucky enough to setup Hizdahr then you can help solidify your board position can get off to a solid start by opening with this.


Aegon is just amazing and the targets vary depending on board state and how close you are to winning.

If you already have flea bottom and just need more big bodies to push tempo and advantage on the board then second sons.
If you don't then Honor guard can be a real nice beast stick as you frequently have very few cards in hand in this deck. If your close to the win and need more renown of if his ability can help blow the game wide open Daario (especially with Queensguard in shadows too) can really just win you the game.