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AegonTargaryen 7

The concept of the deck: Clear opponent’s hand, use Varys, win.

I played it at The Prince That Never Was tourney in Bonn, Germany on 05 December 2015 (Core Set only) and made 10th place (3:2). I missed the top 8 cut due to poor SOS after losing my first two games: One very close loss (1 power) to Tyrell Banner of the Sun - he had his single Hand’s Judgement to cancel my The Things I do for Love on Randyll. The second loss was due to the most horrible starting hand imaginable - first only expensive characters, after the mulligan 3 limited locations, 3 events and 1 attachment. I never could catch up with his Night’s Watch Banner of the Sun after that. Otherwise, Varys did his thing in four games, winning three of them.

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