Ser Randyll's Qnights - Winner GNK (5-1)

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Diomedes 2858

I won a 10-player tournament with this knight deck, one of my favourite themes. The knight archetype suffered a lot from Breaking Ties for obvious reasons, but luckily, that time is behind us. :)

I was planning to take a different version of this deck to German Nationals with Renly Baratheon (FFH) and Oldtown for additional draw, but decided to play my song deck instead. This version doesn't have that much draw, only Oathkeeper Littlefinger, 2 Pleasure Barges, Alerie Tyrell and Win Or Die, but that was usually enough. Filtering 2-3 attachments per round makes it more probable that you draw into your characters.

The gameplan is quite clear:

Tournament Report

Round 1 Win vs. Qohor

He had Wyman Manderly and Robb Stark end of round 1, both with a Bodyguard. But he couldn't Valar because my Randyll Tarly go(a)t a bodyguard of his own. I dohaerised to separate the sacrifice dream team. Round 3 Tourney for the King sealed the deal.

Round 2 Win vs. Kraken

Randyll Tarly got pinched a lot, but I also had a duped Loras hoarding some power. Round 3 he won initiative (You Win Or You Die vs. A Tourney for the King) and quadruple-pinched Randyll, Littlefinger and 5-power Loras with 3 attachments. He finished the round with 13 power. I dohaerised, rebuilt my board and could prevent further pinching milking his stealth characters. Next round I can go first with You Win Or You Die and close the game.

Round 3 Loss vs. Fealty

I didn't see my lords, so I couldn't protect my better board against Valar Morghulis. I played Valar Dohaeris too early and his Big Vic plus Raider from Pyke and STR 8 Drowned Men pinched me a lot...

Round 4 Win vs. Wars

Craven and Milk of the Poppy slowed me down while he had The Wall out turn 1. Qhorin Halfhand decimated my board. When I dohaerised he chose his 6-power renown dudes (Qhorin Halfhand and Ser Waymar Royce with Longclaw, who he had since setup) over Aemon and a duped Three-Finger Hobb, so he couldn't play Valar Morghulis. He was low on intrigue, so Ser Jon Fossoway and Randyll Tarly with Little Bird could edge out the win thanks to Relentless Assault.

Semifinal Win vs. Crossing

His Trading with the Pentoshi allowed him to go first and play Tywin and Tyrion. I milked Tyrion, and had a good board with Randyll Tarly and one Green-Apple Knight. I qohored a milk for Tywin. I won 9 power and decimated his board with an additional challenge. Round 2 I could go first with Tourney for the King and was able to win 6 power for renown with 1 challenge qohoring a Knighted on a character, which was enough to win the game. :)

Final Win vs. Fealty

This time I had Randyll Tarly and qohored a Bodyguard, so Valar Morghulis wasn't a good option for him. He opened Counting Coppers because of no big guys in hand, which allowed to dominate the challenge phase round 1, although Randyll's stand got vinced twice. Round 2, he tried to slow me down with The King in the North, but that backfired. I played Seized by the Guard on his Refurbished Hulk, so he only had 5 gold + Fealty, 1 gold short to play King Balon, and use his reducer locations. :) I got 3 extra power on Randyll Tarly with Name Day Tourney, and picked his only big guy Balon for claim.


BlaiddDrwg 1

Hi, first of all congratulations on your win :)

I have a few questions about the deck.

How do you feel about Isle, is it necessary?

Despite Relentless Assault performing on the day, would you consider cutting it?

What are your thoughts on Honey vs Bacon?

How does the deck perform against Free Folk and did you feel 28 characters is enough in general?

Diomedes 2858


I think Isle of Ravens always deserve a spot in Qohor decks. During the game I lost the 4th Milk of the Poppy would have helped a lot.

Beacon of the South is a good idea. If you have a head start, a tutored Beacon could really accelerate your power gain. The timing with Qohor is a bit clunky, it's rather a card you want to replace than put on a character.

I included 1 Old Bill Bone because of The Free Folk, because I consider that a very bad matchup. You can get the 2 Bodyguards to protect, but you'll run out of cards quickly. I would try to rush as hard as possible with the initiative 8 plots round 2 and 3.

Kentucky Shaun 39

How about Arbor Marketplace over Arbor Vineyard at this point?

Diomedes 2858

Not sure, Arbor Marketplace is a tempo hit for a rush deck like this.