"I want Control" - First place Worlds 2018

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lennart-ip 467

Hey all,

So finally I guess I have to share one of my lists which i kept secret for such a long time.

First of all I want to thank all of the members of Team Europe and the german Facebook-chat for supporting me during the games and sweating with me during the final, thanks to the american community and thanks to my friends who were spending the time in front of their TV's cheering to my Victory.

Special Thanks to Werner and Passi , who were my main sparring partners during my preperation for Worlds, special thanks also to Christian for driving us to nearly every tournament in Germany.

Without The Hannover Meta, I would have never become Worldchampion!

I will do a closer Deck Talk soon after Stahleck (I couldn't find the time for it before), so here is just the list of my opponents for now:

  1. Round Brandon Zimmer - Martell Wars to Come
  2. Round Fred Byrd - Night's Watch Alliance (Qohor Rose)
  3. Reinhard Schefcik - Targaryen (What a surprise :D) HrD Meereen (Stream)
  4. Gilles Molina - Baratheon Banner of the Wolf (Loss)
  5. Sandy Barnabas - Targaryen Fealty
  6. Franke Roders - Tyrell Alliance (Qohor Dragon) (Loss ... I will have my Vengeance Franke ;))

Top 64. Ryan Jones - Lannister Banner of the Dragon

Top 32. Alejandro Pantoja - Targaryen Lord of the Crossing

Top 16. Daryl Webber - Nigh's Watch The Wars to Come

Top 8. Neil Kimball - Lannister Banner of the Dragon (Stream)

Semifinal. James Waumsley - Stark Fealty (Stream)

Final. Brad Emon - Targaryen HrD Meereen (Stream)

That's all for now. I'm very proud to be part of such a great community!

See you soon, Lennart


jeermaster 803

Excellently played! Congrats! Man, I still remember the days when there were barely any German players at big tournaments like Stahleck (and even fewer at worlds, obviously). #teamgermany certainly has come a long way over the years.

jcwamma 2755

Congratulations, that it was well-played basically goes without saying!

Before our top 4 game when we were discussing whether or not to look at each others' lists, you mentioned that one of the reasons you wanted to is that you'd specifically built your deck with the list-sharing in mind. Out of interest, what changes would you want to make if that hadn't been the case?

adam_geek 457

Congratulations, I am so proud of you

lennart-ip 467

Thank you guys!

@jcwamma I was struggling a lot with the southron Messenger to be honest as he is not always that good if you aren't having Starfall or Nymeria Sand (TRtW) (hard to have the gold for Dornish Spy and Southron Messenger and both are just one-offs). He is still good but in the meta I was more thinking about a second Begging Brother to make the Greyjoy-Matchup a little bit better (it is really worse!). The final argument which makes me including one copy of him was just the rule that we had to exchange decklist, because in a lot of games I have seen people playing around him, which was actually very good for me. I also had a completely different build in mind, with Fallen from Favor as an opener instead of Exchange of Information. This Build was basically more aggresive and was able to push more in the early game so that you are not falling behind so easy and are able to look in the control during the first two plots. In that case I would have dropped one of my resets ... and well basically there would have been a lot of changes. I finally decided to not play this build, because people are often playing around both resets as there are good reasons for both of them. It's often hard for example to play around Valar Dohaeris and Ward. Losing this advantage would have been very hard for that deck, which was in the end my reason to run both of them (which is still not bad anyway).

An other point why I was not to comfortable in not exchanging the decklists with you is that I was told before that you were running Valar Morghulis no Valar Dohaeris no Forced March and no You Win Or You Die . I think this knowledge (especially in this matchup) makes a huge difference in the way how the game could went. So I would had a bad feeling in excepting your offer. In generel I have to say that I'm against this rule about exchanging the lists as it destroys a key part of the game in punishing creative deck builds. I know some people are saying that the ruling is good because of Scouting, but I think we could at least limit this rule to the plot-deck (even with scouting no one will ever be able to say if you are not running a sneaky copy of Nightmares/The Hand's Judgment/The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due/...)