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Polli85 209

Nothing to see here, just burn everything down.

I know, Meereen and Hizdahr are good, but i don't like that eco/card advantage cheating (and i hope Meereen + Hizdahr will be restricted one day). Best Targ card is Drogon anyway, so i tried a classic burn deck at Stahleck. Worked pretty good, i ended as best of Targ after Swiss:

Tyrell Shadows - Win Stark Fealty - Win Stark Crossing - Win Targ Rains - Loss Stark Crossing - Win Lannister Wars - Win Night's Watch Wolf - Win Greyjoy Dragon - Win BYE Targ HRD - Loss

Ironically, both of my losses were against Targ players who made a great use of Meereen.

Thanks to all my opponents, to my deckbuilding group, to my sparring partner who trained me very well against Stark Crossing, and especially to my wife who supported me the whole weekend and the long saturday night while being pregnant. You all made this a very great experience for me!

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