KINGZMOOT - Top 16 @ Stahleck Melee

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Maester Joseph 19

Hello all,

So having looked through a bunch of cards with 'gain X power' written on them for the melee, I decided that Kingsmoot was probably the best card to base a deck around winning melee games @ Stahleck. Turns out I was right! I won 3/4 of my tables which was enough to make top 16, where I lost after not finding my Kingsmoot and the Queensguard/Renly player gaining a tonne of power turn 3.

Basic premise of the deck:

HRD Nagga's Ribs is great as it confuses your opponents into what kind of deck you will be playing (most assumed Drowned God marshalling power combo stuff) and so keeps your threat level low, whilst helping secure winning dominance.

Try and get all of your cheap uniques out (hell yeah, Helya) whilst using classic melee acceptable cards like core Balon and new Vic to gain some power, but keeping your threat level low to the other players. Once you find Kingsmoot (using Rhymes with Meek or Big Asha to dig for it) then you play A Feast For Crows & win Dom to gain lots of power: 1 (dom) + 2 (aFfC) and 3-6 for KINGZMOOOOT, for a total power gain of around 6 to 9 power in dom phase when people aren't expecting it. Usually its too expensive to Hands Judgement and Bran can be stopped with Vince (Drowned God Fanatic). At that point your opponents all take it in turns to ask to read Kingsmoot in disbelief as they don't understand how the player with Alannys and Helya on board just went from 6 to 15 power and won the table.

Notes: . Fallen from Favor is amazing when you often just set up 6/7 locations and want to go last in round 1. . Fortified Position was in there to stop Jojen combo decks (which I didnt see for the entire day) but ended up being vital to me winning 2 tables (Martel need their triggers and it doesn't stop my Kingsmoot!) . Rhymes With Meek is incredible and should be x3 in any vaguely unopposed themed deck. Helped me find Sup Claim and Kingsmoot multiple times.

Just like to say I had an amazing time at Stahleck this year (my first time) and am looking forward to going back next year already.

Joe H

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