“The Lannisters send their regards” (Stahleck Joust Cham

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kweeny 458

So, Stahleck obviously was great, I had a blast.

All 12 matches(I had 2 BYE's) I played were great fun (at least for me).

But let's talk cards, shall we.

The deck started when I won an alternate art of Harrenhal (FFH), which is also one of my favorite cards in the game, together with The Hound (TtB) and of course Best kill spell in the game. Obviously, Stark just has amazing loyal cards right now, so I went with this combination.

The idea of the deck is to kill, march, ward and Ramsay Snow their board away.

The most obvious combo is Harrenhal (FFH) and either of the two unique Boltons. I was luck to not have seen a single Barring the Gates played against me, but that is what you need to win a tournament.

The deck mostly plays like the Stark Fealty deck that a lot of players brought and James Waumsley played at Worlds. It just has more kill and challenge phase tricks.

Fun things you can do:

Ambushing a free Roose, buffing it with either Widow's Wail or Last Hearth. Ambushing in a free Ramsey
Skagossing that free Ramsey
Play the hound twice and only paying one gold for it(Flea Bottom and Harrenhall)

Tommen Baratheon is in this deck to protect against The King in the North, since I like my card abilities.
Ser Ilyn Payne was great all day long, since I played against a lot of targs and starks.

Plot line:

Close Call just because people die and to bring characters in the flea bottom pile. Mostly used to get summer back and then he would bring back the rest.
Forced March to kneel important characters, win initiative and to give the opponent the idea that he has to play more characters that I then can reset with Valar Dohaeris.
Marched to the Wall to march peoples dreams away.
Trade Routes to get a lot of gold
Trading with the Pentoshi was my opener most of the games, I just needed more gold than the 6 that Time of Plenty gave.
Valar Dohaeris to reset in case a targ player shits out their hand.
You Win Or You Die to win the game or when you need the cards.

So, tourney report (I do not really remember the first few rounds):

Game 1 - BYE (Won at Dockside)

Game 2 - Joni Lampimäki on Targ Qohor - WIN

Game 3 - Vojta on Stark Rains - WIN
A game that sadly went to time, would have loved to play one more round.

Game 4 - Viktor Edström on Stark Fealty - WIN

Game 5 - Gerion on Targ Rains - Loss
So this was my only loss from the tournament. Gerion went old school with Daenerys Targaryen (Core), played really well and I could not clear his board (and Ser Ilyn Payne got Crowned king). Gerion also gave me a really cool Stark House Card.

Game 6 - Sofacama on Free Folk - WIN
I Forced March him turn one and he could only win one challenge turn one, which got rid of a dupe on Summer (Core) and a chud. I could do a military back, kill one character and another one with a Bolton Flayer. Next turn I played marched and warded his just marshalled begging brother. He never got a 4 claim mil off with his agenda at any moment and my flayer kept killing his board.

Game 7 - Matt Herdman on Greyjoy Wars - WIN
His deck crapped on him. I think he played/drew 5 characters over the course of the entire game (Which is not enough against my deck). When he finally got a character to stick, he could do an unopposed power challenge, and with it draw 7 cards(Great Kraken and 2 Rhymes With Meek) and blow up 2 of my locations, but it was already too late since I was on 12 power and I closed next round with You Win Or You Die.

Game 8 - Petar Stefanov on Stark Fealty - WIN
Petar is a great player, but I just happened to draw my Wyman and Frozen Solid and he did not.

Top 64 - BYE

Top 32 - James Booker on Targ X - WIN
I was able to get his Hizdahr zo Loraq of the board turn one marshalling with the help of Ramsey and Skagos. He could not effectively come back from that.

Top 16 - Alejandro Pantoja on Targ X - WIN
So, this start was insane, I setupped Ilyn Payne and some chud, he hizdahr and a viserion. I opened Trading into his summer harvest (Knew this was gonna happen). He made me first player. I Killed the dragon with my first action. He used Hizdahr to get Missandei into play. I warded Her. He used Qotho's ability to get him into play. I marshalled Ramsey into skagos. He still had his 15 gold and marshalled some big dudes. I somehow managed to wipe his board again(can't remember how(I played too many targs in the cut)) and win.

Top 8 - Antti Vaaranen on Targ Meereen - WIN
All my Targ matches are a blur. I saw no econ in this game, which was rough. At some point he was 11-1 ahead on me. I then got off a Harrenhalled Roose to kill half his board and next turn I could kill his lonely duped Drogo with another Roose buffed by a Last Hearth and flea bottoming out no save arya.

Top 4 - George Karabinis on Targ Meereen - WIN
I could froso his Meereen turn one. He did not have an answer until turn 4, which was too late. I managed to bait his burn on my Bolton Flayer, then I Harrenhalled in a Roose to kill half his board, leaving just a small board. I got rid of the rest the turn after with a marched into a Roose. My topdecks were great this game. Definitely one of the tightest matches

Finals - WIN
This one was on the stream(of course), so you can watch it online if you want. Short summary: I marched into Ramsey to get rid of his Renly. Since he only had 6 gold he could not do a lot after that. The turn after I played Trading, got Wyman out with Meera. Bolton Flayer and Ilyn Payne killing Left and Right definitely did a lot of work. Stark with a good start can play constructive just as easily as Tyrell. I managed to keep his board small and mine big, while drawing cards with the Umber loyalists, skagos and Wyman. I also had my King to stop him from flipping The King in the North.

One thing that definitely helped me during the day was people not knowing the deck and not knowing what plots or characters to expect until Harrenhall hits the table.

For people that are going to play it: good luck! It definitely needs some reps.

Shoutout naar mn boys in Nederland!


Zeyar 139


All the congrats to the champ ;)

Space8es 1

Congrats Wilco, youve shown to be amazing player and creative deckbuilder. I got his list months before Stahleck and got little success with it, showing that the pilot is way more important than the deck :) liefs Frank

ChannelDelibird 969

Congratulations! All my love to Team NL

jcwamma 2761

Congratulations, it goes without saying you must've played insanely well to go 11-1 at such an incredibly prestigious event. To manage it with such an original cool deck only makes it even more impressive!

jjkuif 1

What a performance! Congrats and see you tuesdays!

Odrl 1110

Congratulations. After watching basically the same Stark and Targ decks over and over again on stream, it was nice to see the winner playing something a little more original. Well played. :)

Buster_NL 1

Great work Wilco!

Itachi 1

Great showing, and perfect deck name, top! I think no one would have expected to see King Tommen, or any lanni cards, in the list that would win the world's biggest Tournament. Congratulations!

Laplante 214

Congratz mate, for both deckbuilding and results, massive to have a quite unexpected build to make so far, very played :) !

And really glad you took that name for deck in the end, it's just perfect ^^.

Schwaig 34

Amazing deck, I was very glad to see it live in action during the final game. Very well played and awesome performance. Congratulations!

jeermaster 814

Absolutely agree with everyone; it was refreshing to see a deck with some personality take the win in a very predictable meta. Congratulations, and I hope we'll see you again next year!

kweeny 458

@Laplante Yes, definitely props to you and Max for the name! @jeermaster I'll defintely be there next year. The atmosphere and the people were just lovely.

Mog 63

Congrats. I was trying to Bolton things but i haven't got close to your amazing deck. Great building, great player, a good result.

Beciaku 1

could you drop link to stream?