Bara Aggro Raiders

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JakeMalone 46

This is my first attempt at a Bara shadows deck. It is an explicitly aggro deck, and is based on a few key interactions:

  1. Using Salladhor to ambush in PoP and Jade Sea Dromonds - he is easily the MVP of this deck.
  2. Using Lyseni Pirates, Pylos and Davos to stealth through Int and Power challenges to trigger PoP and Banished from the Light
  3. Red Ronnet to raise the claim on Mil. challenges, particularly on two claim turns
  4. Ambushing in cheap characters for sneaky wins

In general, you are looking to keep both boards small, and should be in a position to remove characters from your opponents board on every challenge type. Your opponent should be constantly on the back foot from turn one.

Its done pretty well so far, once I worked out how to play it! (Any suggestions for improvements are most welcome).

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Kentucky Shaun 44

I've played this deck a few times and am enjoying it. One change I would suggest making is replacing Wildfire with Duel. I always end up ruing having to play Wildfire because of this deck's large amount of small guys, but Duel would really hit Targ, Tyrell or Stark and maybe even Greyjoy right now.