Lanni Faith Militant - 5-3 Stahleck 2018

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Vince 131

Here is the deck I played at Stahleck 2018: Lannister Faith Militant. In truth I tell you: Faith was needed :D.

This deck has been amazing fun to play, not one game is boring or what. I had been playing around for some time with NW and arrived to a version of a deck I like but still a bit too slow for my taste. Then one evening, in the kitchen with Dave, we joked about Walk of Atonement and how it is bad/the type of card that can only really work in one deck. And we got on to build the deck. It sort of built itself to be honest, I went with a plotline I like a lot and had played quite a lot as well.

General game plan is Summer Harvest, then stall with King Commands/Uneasy Truce/Fortified Position, then resets VD > VM, and CC somewhere when needed (often turn 2).

You will slow your opponent down massively with the agenda and the song event, then little by little take the card advantage via the resets. I am still a bit unsure of how the deck really manages to win in the end, but it does it in a surprisingly consistent manner :D. Although regularly flirting very closely with the time limit.

I lost 3 games at Stahleck, out of which I am a bit frustrated by 2. I had worked really hard against my GJ opponent, but the big guys after big guys coming in the right order was just too much (on top of 3 Risen and 3 Vince in hand by turn 1). And then I lost on cards in deck against a Lanni Dragon that had been top deck for a few rounds and got again Big Cersei and its third treachery to catch-up to a tie and win. I lost the third one on set-up when my opponent had Meereen duped, Shadahazan, Flea Bottom, Plaza of Pride and Illyrio's Estate and with the only 2 gold from our Summer Harvests, dropped Hizdar duped and got a Second sons in the discard pile :D.

The deck certainly isn't Stahleck winner material, but it really is good fun to play and I highly recommend it to anyone :). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


Timmy 58

Congratz vince for this splendid deck.

Diomedes 2748

Congrats Vince for playing a very cool deck! Thanks for our game in the team tournament on Sunday, was a pleasure to play against a creative deck like this. Sorry for having Dorne, so your "The Song of the Seven"/Walk of Atonement combo with 4 power didn't hurt me that much. :)

Acloakofred 53

A god amongst humans.

YuleOoze 132

Really interesting design and incredibly close game! :) Don't be too frustrated as I don't think Ilyn and friends are the best matchup for your deck in general. Greetings to France and you might get your revenge next year. ;)

juhlii 24

Thank you for both publishing the list & explaining how it works during the team tournament! I really appreciate people who come up with creative and fun decks, and even pilot them to a very good result at a massive event. Congrats!

Mestre Greg 1

Félicitation pour ton beau résultat :)

Le deck semble effectivement très sympa à jouer. Faut que je fasse un équivalent en NW :)

Vince 131

Thanks a lot guys :). There is a bit of wiggle room to play the deck with its current intent. Syrio could be x2, Littlefinger could be dropped, Catspaw could be something else. I tried both Pinch and Plot against the Queen, but honestly any you feel more comfortable with would work. Should a Tommen be in? I never had too much issues with KitN as I generally managed to time in on either Fortified Position or Uneasy Truce, but I would understand considering him ^^.

@Diomedes :D don't be, I heard playing good cards is a good thing :) @YuleOozeThanks a lot for the game Yule :). Frustrated is probably too strong a word, but I have to admit when I saw the treachery come out I felt helpless :D And thanks everyone for the kind words, it's really appreciated :).

adam_geek 468

i think you need brother's robe to stop Ward and Frozen Solid

Vince 131

The first version of the deck had Brother's Robes, but because of Skagos Starks could just Skagos the warded character or the blanked Frozen Solid to just pass over this. I understand it makes their clock tick a bit differently but it didn't feel like that was enough compared to what Milk/Nightmares brought in the other match-ups...

argento 523

The most ballzy deck played in castle this year ! Vince makes me dream! A deck like that is simply so good for the game.

Kentucky Shaun 44

I played this deck and quite enjoyed it. It is surprisingly efficient. The main question I have is why Valar Morghulis? You run three uniques with duplicates and generally, you won't want to dupe the Hound. On the other hand, this deck runs a lot of non-uniques who will be gaining power which Valar M could really cripple. Especially since it can run slow and you might end up having to play a suicidal Valar M. It took me five plots to win when I played, and I was starting to sweat over the Valars at the end, TBH.

I think that Duel would be a better plot in its place. This deck has no available targets and I'd rather have Duel go off in my face than Valar M. Plus, Duel can really hurt Greyjoy, Stark and Targ right now.

Kentucky Shaun 44

Well, Ser Robert is 6 cost, but I still think he can lurk in shadows until after Duel is played or be named for claim after he does his trick in preparation for a Duel turn.

Vince 131

Hi @Kentucky Shaun!

I went for two resets and I believed the control aspect of it would be more consistent. I especially wanted Valar as I wanted to be able to kill Summer/Meera when the opportunity appeared. Having the returning Valar for plot 8/9 also gave a lot of comfort to win the games, it is generally when my opponent would falter. It also plays well with Walk of Atonement as you create CA before Resetting.

It's only my view, and it certainly isn't the only way to play the deck or Faith Militant in general, but if one wanted to play Duel more, and aim for a quicker victory betting on the power grab of the deck, I believe I would more suggest looking at playing it out of Baratheon or Stark. These houses would seem to play in this more easily...

But then again, just my opinion ^^.

Vince 131

I wish I could edit the post above as the phrasing is terrible :p. Sorry for that. but yeah, if one wanted to rush using FM, I believe it would be better in another faction. Bara with the Bastard of Nightsong and some more "mess with my opponent's tech" would seen a relevant house.

Valar M was important to me in order to kill Summer/Meera on demand, and some time just snipe some characters that would be recklessly left unprotected on the board (Khal, Daenerys, etc.).

若毘林 7

Very very interesting deck! Now have My Mind Is My Weapon,this deck was have fun~