Trading with Skagosi (9th and 43rd at Stahleck Joust)

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Martozar 222

Hello everyone!

Stahleck is over and it's time to move on and build some new stuff.

With this deck I managed to go 6-2 in Swiss and I have been dropped from TOP by original author of the deck James Waumsley. My meta-mate Tomáš Hrnčiar was 9th of 310 with exactly the same deck he asked for a day before Joust. So, it's always about being better driver :D

Deck was changed a little bit comparing to James' one. I decided to get rid of attrition part of the deck to put some more renowns and control. Instead of Exchange of Information, A Time For Wolves and Marched to the Wall I put 2x Forced March and Fallen from Favor, Ramsay Snow was switch for 2x Ser Jason Mallister because I was expecting a lot of shadows, and he's just great bicon with renown. Third Greatjon Umber was switched for Septa Mordane, because I don't play Sansa Stark (Core) and Sansa Stark (WotN) is just great with 6 STR and renown. I also removed third copies of Flea Bottom and Skagos because I didn't want to draw dead cards, when the locations got Frozen Solid or Euroned. Because I don't play A Time For Wolves, I had to add third copy of Summer (Core). Another FroSo was added to make better control against Targs and another Starks and as 61st card I added third Meera Reed just because she is great :)

I hope, Tomáš will write some reports from his games (some of them were streamed so you watch them on youtube). My report is:

  1. WIN vs. Ben Fox (GJ/Fealty)

This game was really tough one. Ben had Victarion Greyjoy (MoD) from start and managed to get to 10 power really quickly. My plan was to discard from his hand as many cards as possible and Valar, because I wasn't able to find Killing Arya. After Valar Morghulis he played Asha Greyjoy (Km) and Balon Greyjoy (CtA), but 2 Forced March slowed Ben down and I won the game 15 to 14 powers, because Ben eventually forgot Ser Jason Mallister had a renown :)

  1. LOSS vs. James Parsons (NW/WtC)

I made some huge mistakes in this game. In Czech meta almost nobody plays NW, so I haven't had a chance to test the deck against Rangers. In my first plot instead of going fot first, I did with Greatjon Umber and Arya Stark (Core), and they were killed by The Watcher on the Walls. Next mistake I did was discarding a dupe from Catelyn Stark (Core) allowing James to Valar me. I couldn't recover from that and game was over.

  1. WIN vs. Eric Olive (Targ/Xing)

The funniest game I've probably ever played. Eric managed to get to 12 power in 3 plots (2x Winter Festival, Heads on Spikes, Drogo), but well-timed valar from my side cleared the board and I won by UO with Meera Reed on 15 to 14 powers again, otherwise he'd take dominance and win :)

  1. LOSS vs. Sebastiaan Knetsch (Targ/HRD Meereen)

I played against this deck with Tomáš' girlfriend Zuzka when they slept over before our trip to Stahleck and I didn't managed to win. In that game I was able to control Daenerys Targaryen (TFM) via Meera Reed and Bran Stark (Core) with Flea Bottom, but at some point I forgot I run Fallen from Favor, so our 7th plot was Sebastiaan's Marched to the Wall into my Fallen from Favor, when I discarded both Robb Stark (Core) and Wyman Manderly, and game done at this point.

  1. WIN vs. Rakovszky Marton (Lanni/Xing)

After with 2-2 score I didn't expect to win 4 games in a row, so I just decided to enjoy playing the only game that matters. But unfortunately I didn't enjoy my 5th game. Marton had no luck with Heads on Spikes and Tyrion's Chain. Even when I had only 1 non-character card, he didn't pull character from my hand. Ward on his Shae was huge tempo hit in first round and blanked Cersei Lannister (LoCR) wasn't able to get powers fast enough. So I won after 3 round with a board full of big characters with renowns.

  1. WIN vs. MJ Fuchs (Stark/WtC)

The biggest downside of playing WtC in Starks is that you cannot run Flea Bottom, which is essential with Wyman Manderly. I had both Wyman Manderly and Robb Stark (Core) on board, and he couldn't have enough draw from Wyman, because otherwise I'd just swipe his board via Winter Is Coming. Skagos let me get stand and cards with no need to shrink my board with Wyman Manderly, so my superiority on the board let me to win the game fast enough :)

  1. WIN vs. Daniel Correas (Tyrell/Xing)

Unfortunately, Daniel lost his 60th card, so he spent 15 minutes looking for it. After he didn't find it, we decided to play just for fun, because he had illegal deck anyway. He played "big dudes" tyrell/Xing, which is really easy matchup for Starks with all theirs stealth and board control. With no reset on his side I managed to control Renly Baratheon (FFH), Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) and Mace Tyrell (SAT) and just overpower him with Eddard Stark (WotN), Ser Jason Mallister, Dacey Mormont and Robb Stark (Core).

  1. WIN vs. Zmirc (Bara/Summer)

I wasn't expecting to have a play against Baratheon, not at podium at least. It was really easy game for me, because Zmirc didn't get any big dudes or Melisandre (Core) and I had really lucky picks from intrigue claim (Fickle Bannerman twice and Robert Baratheon).

  1. LOSS vs. James Waumsley (Tyrell/Assault)

The game was really fun. When I saw I was going to play against James, I wasn't happy about that. I mean, who wants to play against original author of their deck, right? In this game I had really bad luck: on every intrigue claims I discarded targets for his flea bottom, which I didn't FroSo because I though Oldtown Undercity would be better target to deny draw. The only intrigue James was able to push through in early game discarded my Summer (Core) which I was going to use next turn to return Arya Stark (TFM) from discard pile and valar to kill all his duped characters at once. At the end of the game, score was 8-4 and I think if we had one more round, I could possibly win, because all his key characters were already dead after 2 valars (we played 8 round, I guess) and I still had Robb Stark (Core). But I'm glad I played against James, it was a pleasure to play against him :)

The deck went 2-1 in team event as well, with 2 wins against Bara/Faith Militant (piloting by James Waumsley, so it was my revenge :D) and Targ/Xing, and loss against Stark/Fealty. Unfortunately, Czech team lost the game in TOP8 against USA.

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