1st Place @ Red Saturday XIV

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Ma9804 169

After 6 tournaments at the NECT (North East Championship Tour), a trip to worlds and a few regionals I finally won my first big tournament. For those of you that know me I am a Greyjoy loyalist and I did not bring anything else to any of these tournaments. I started off with Banner of the Brotherhood and saw great success at the first tournament this year, but took some advice from a wise man that loyal Greyjoy Characters are good! So I took the advice and never went back :). I would like to thank everyone who had a part in organizing the NECT, it was blast traveling around the east coast for these events and see people that I enjoy playing thrones with and making new friends.

Here is the list that I brought to Red Saturday and got 1st place with. This list is not very different from what I brought to Worlds, the only difference was Rhymes With Meek instead of We Do Not Sow. I will not go into my list too much or any of my matches individually as it is almost all a blur at this moment. Please feel free to leave comments and I will answer any questions or my thought behind some of my choices. I will leave my match results below with the link to JP. You can also watch my finals match and round 5 Match at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLSM_eqBQ133YYpDucWCRqw

Tournament Results: Round 1 VS Targaryen Assault From The Shadow (Andras Fulop) Win Round 2 VS Stark Xing (Michael Dederding) Win Round 3 VS Targaryen Assault From The Shadow (Aaron Glazer) Loss Round 4 VS Targaryen HRD (Murdock Macaskill) Win Round 5 VS Targaryen Fealty (Edward Kim) Win Round 6 VS Tyrell Assault From The Shadow (Chris Schoenthal) Win Round 7 VS BYE Top 16 VS Targaryen Assault From The Shadow (Andras Fulop) Win Top 8 VS Targaryen Banner of the Wolf (Eric Green) Win Top 4 VS Greyjoy Xing (Chris Vac) Win Finals VS Martell Banner of the Wolf (Andreas Aldrin) Win https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/5942/scores

I hope to see you all in 2019!

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DustandAir 1

Big Vic Playa. Would you consider cutting Gates of the Moon? Did you play Rhymes With Meek from shadows or hand more often?