Bastards of R'hllor (Ritter's Ned Deck #1)

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NOTE: This deck includes the plot "Vanquish the Unbelievers" which is in the Greyjoy box. So "You Win Or You Die" -----> "Vanquish the Unbelievers"

I've finally excepted who I am. A Ned player. I love themed decks and I'm planning to make this my first of many! I'll be playing these decks on our Tuesday AGOT nights in MN. You can read about player arch-types here

This deck is full of Bastards and Rhllor. My Ned decks are going to be theme > efficiency. Having fun is my priority here!

I run HRD The Red Keep since that is what the poor bastards of Kingslanding have looming over them at all times. A constant reminder of power and control they'll never have in their lives.

While this is a Shagga deck, I've chosen to play the competitive Melisandre (GtR) and the dominance package. After all, these bastards all have a claim on the Iron Throne now that their father is dead and Mel is more than happy to foster these bastards. She may be taking in these children, but her intentions are not pure. The Lord of Light demands sacrifices, so I've included Sacrificed to the Red God and King's Blood!!! Some people are onto Mel's evil schemes, like Ser Davos Seaworth (GoH), who is ready to row any bastards to safety!

Eventually you will have to pick a side and flip Vanquish the Unbelievers... Will you choose to protect the orphan bastards of Robert Baratheon or the Foster Mothers of the Lord of Light?

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uncleho 1

I watched Shireen Baratheon (MoD) be Sacrificed to the Red God for no other reason other than to say it happened. #Nedlinessconfirmed