Bara Kraken Control

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scantrell24 3134

First draft.


chriswhite 1

No Iron Mines? With x2 King at the Wall? In the year of Sea of Blood? Brave man...

euphius 257

Also, why bother with King at the Wall when you only have the ability to, at most, have 5 GJ locations out at one time? Either the neutral locations have to switch to GJ ones or you need to abandon that attachement.

Kentucky Shaun 44

I played this against a Greyjoy Lord of the Crossing deck and it performed well. I had Stannis from set up and he made it really hard for them to get to the third challenge more than once or twice. The Bastard did serious work to the point where he was chosen for Milk of the Poppy over Stannis. I never get any GJ characters on the board, but did end up with two Iron Fleet Scouts. With Khorane and the otherwise superfluous IFS, I was able to kneel out his best character and his IFS as well. It worked good overall. I thought Return to the Fields was a great plot after I had a couple permanently knelt Dragonstone Faithfuls sitting around. Stannis made the plot surprisingly effective.

scantrell24 3134

Thanks for the feedback! A couple of Iron Mines, Cressen, Close Call, and Heir to the Iron Throne are on my short list of cards to try next.