Warm Summer Knights

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TheHappyDuck 13

This is a rush deck based on one I built long ago with knights. Some of the more recent cards since that deck have helped to improve it.

Key Cards

Green-Apple Knight In a knight based deck, this card truly shines. Being able to make 2 challenges without kneeling with a cheap character that can be boosted even more with cards like Jousting Pavilion is invaluable. And the icon on a knight is also helpful.

Blessed by the Maiden This is the only counter to negative attachments (Craven, Milk, etc) that the deck provides.

Jousting Pavilion Awesome card for improving your 1v1 capability with knights, which triggers so many more cards. The fact that they aren't unique is just icing on the cake.

Lady Sansa's Rose One of the best form of rush power gain of you have a lady out. Really helps to push the deck to even faster speeds.

Ser Garlan Tyrell (HoT) Not everyone's favorite, but works well in this deck. Dump a card for an extra claim and he doesn't even have to be involved, sign me up.

Name Day Tourney Yet another source of speed, and you don't even need a Lady out. Especially solid on characters that have both traits like The Knight of Flowers (Core) and Ser Garlan Tyrell (HoT).


Pleasure Barge 3 cards for a negligible income penalty #Win

Ser Hobber Redwyne Your dedicated Lady finder, pull Brienne of Tarth (HoT) or Margaery Tyrell (Core) if you can. Alerie Tyrell is not a bad choice either, as she can also pull Margaery.

Scheming Septon More draw, more gold.

Time of Plenty An Ok opener, but I prefer playing it plot 2, if I need more draw/money. If you find all the pieces you need, you probably don't play this out.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, just returning to the game after a long hiatus. Thanks!

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