Greyjoy "GG" Greensight - Put back the "Fun" into "Funatic"

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mqsi 74

Summary: This is a fun deck.

I took this deck to two tournaments:

A GNK with 8 Players which I finished with a record of 2:2 on 6th place:

Loss: Night's Watch The Lord of the Crossing

Win: Greyjoy The Wars To Come

Loss: Greyjoy The Wars To Come

Win: Baratheon The House With the Red Door

And a Great Hall Tournament with 18 Players which I finished with a record of 3:3 on 8th/9th place (finished 9th after swiss but one player dropped)

Loss: Greyjoy Fealty

Win: Targaryen Sea of Blood

Win: Targaryen Sea of Blood

Win: Stark Fealty

Loss: Tyrell Sea of Blood

Loss: Martell The House With the Red Door

So the main idea behind this deck was to use the interaction between Scouting Vessel and cards that react to pillage. In this deck those cards are Euron Crow's Eye (Core) and Asha Greyjoy (Km).

For anybody who is interested in the official ruling (you might need it from time to time if you are playing this deck):

So while Asha Greyjoy (Km) plus Scouting Vessel is already good on its own (you get to search three times at least three cards which is already okay), Euron needs help to steal as much as he can. So in additon to a lot of pillage and other card discarding, I am running

3x Newly-Made Lord 3x We Do Not Sow

In the beginning I was also trying Raiding the Bay of Ice but the warship package did not feel right and there are a lot of decks that do not run enough targets to justify 6x removal for non-limited locations.

A few cards I want to mention in addition:

Nighttime Marauders They did a great Job. Of course they are expensive sometimes, but discarding a few cards + getting to know what's in your opponents hand is really helpful (especially if you discard some juicy locations). Trade Routes helps to trigger them in draw phase if your opponent goes first.

Greensight Well, here we go. Upside: The information and control is really great, especially if you decide to draw the card and plan on triggering Nighttime Marauders. Downside: This deck runs also Balon Greyjoy (KotI) and sometimes you have to make bad decisions between leaving a good draw for your opponent and triggering Balon Greyjoy (KotI). If you want to play a more serious version you should probably look at one of the following options: The Wars To Come which I did not like because I want my Valar Morghulis and You Win Or You Die back in case we play 8 plots. Fealty which has a similar issue with the faction card kneel but the decision is a lot easier. Kings of Summer which I did not like because it gives my opponent extra reserve and I would like him or her to discard as much as possible.

Iron Islands Market This card is quite reliable with this deck with often being active in second marshalling. Of course this is often the case if it's already running well (Nighttime Marauders, pillage triggers, and so on). So maybe you should go down to times two.

Orkmont Reaver As above, often active, even if not, they are good for Forced March. And of cource: Pillage.

"On a Misty Morn" In therory it should give your back your Drowned God Fanatic. But getting back Newly-Made Lord or Nighttime Marauders or other weenies can also be nice.

King's Landing The obvious use is to recycle your Scouting Vessel. But it's also great for The Kingsroad and Iron Mines or anything else that ends up in your discard pile. I originally ran two but found it more useful to swap one with an Isle of Ravens. So you can marshal one Scouting Vessel and shuffle the other ones back ;) Sidenote: I rather play it with We Take Westeros! instead of actually paying for it. This of course depends on whether Euron Crow's Eye (Core) is already doing work or if you expect to hit some good targets in your oppents deck.

Cards that did not make the final cut:

Glass Candle In theory nice, since it puts cards in the discardpile even if you are not winning. But besides that it does not help enough. The insight for Maester Murenmure isn't worth it either imho.

King of Salt and Rock As draw is little in this deck I almost never found it useful. But I think that's more a personal dislike of the card rather than rational.

Andrik the Unsmiling His effect triggers super seldom. But he is a solid body against Sea of Blood.

Nute the Barber I already hate it sometimes if I have to shuffle back the card I stole with Balon Greyjoy (KotI), so giving back cards right back to hand isn't worth it for me.


domse 123

Funny title is cut off. Does it put the "FUN" back into "FUNATIC"?

mqsi 74

@domseyes :( did not notice