"The Might of Tyrell" - TOP8 & BEST TYRELL at Espada Blanca

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Lannister 369

Hi guys! The Tyrell addict is back again! So I had the pleasure to attend again "Torre de la Espada Blanca" in Valencia (Spain) an amazing tournament with 60 highly skilled players.


I got so disappointed when I found out that only 3 Tyrell players where taking part, and I felt committed to showing how powerful this house is, even in the current aggro meta.

I prepared myself heavily against SOB and Greyjoy warships and/or Pinchjoy decks. And doing that I had a revelation:


A lot of players will tell you, it is too expensive or it is only during a challenge not worth it. Well, don't listen to them! Paying 3g for winning a surprise challenge with a single chud, left or right, or a standing Brienne breaks your opponent so badly. SOB players going with all in on military have to see how you play your 3 challenges after, unopposed and clean. Also good for beating a pinch stealthy Greyjoy or survive a You win you die round nicely. "3x Scheming Septon" and Paxter Redwyne will pay the bill.

This is majorly a GoodStuff Tyrell defensive deck which is something I love. But has some small tweaks. One highlight is: "Heir to the Iron Throne". This is a ridiculous plot. Saves you from Valar M. or helping a bad setup, removed milked characters or even to win superiority on board bringing a big fella.

Having Left + Right + Brienne (always x3) was key.

Political Disaster was a nice hit to wipe warships and location based decks, even better when revealed against a Greyjoy Valar M. or any Trade Routes. A meta call.

Oldtown still a dream of a location. Scheming, H. Spy, Mullendore and Mace will guarantee you soooo much easy power and draw all game. Marshall it quickly.

Carrying the two Valar plots is a massive advantage which is one of the biggest perks of WTC. Why choosing one?

I lost by time in TOP8 against the great Jesus Valdes creator of the Shadows agenda who reached later the final. Good job mate!

Congratulations to Sazy, my fellow mate from my meta in Barcelona for winning the tournament unbeaten with Targa Red Door. You owe me a game soon :D

Not much more to add! Play the deck! Tell me how it went! I'm happy to answer questions and discuss :D


1- Jade (Night's Watch Crossing) - WIN

2- Adrian Capristan (Night's Watch Winter) - LOSS

3- Juan Hernandez (Martell Shadows) - WIN

4- AsturC (Targa WTC) - WIN

5- Aitor Rey (Greyjoy WTC) - WIN

6- Daniel Correas (Greyjoy Red Door) - WIN

7- J Manuel Garcia Trillo (Lanni Dragon) - LOSS

TOP 16

8- Nacho Cueto (Tyrell WTC) - WIN


9- Jesus Valdes (Stark Shadows) - LOSS


nachoct 1

Congratulations!! You're great. Good deck, better pilot.

Lannister 369

Thanks Nachete! You made a great tournament too. Team Tyrell 4ever! :D

maugwhy 1

"Heir to the Iron Throne". This is a ridiculous plot. Saves you from Valar M. Can you develop on this, i'm not sure i understand

Lannister 369

Hi @maugwhysure. I kept playing the deck lately and the plot everytime feels better and better. If you are playing against any faction without initiative boosters, you are always gonna go first against previsible Valar M. You look for a dupe of a most valued character and you can save him and keep a strong board presence. This way I found a copy of Margaery in that tournament, and by killing Loras got Randyll on board. But also sometimes can work as an opener, as you could have some nice economy as setup, and you only marshall Garth or Alerie. Also to get some advantage by bringing powerfull Lords or Marge into play to achieve board superiority. Just remember, if you use it as a dupe finder, you can't sacrifice later a lord or lady character

Lannister 369

Ah @maugwhyalso great to get rid of a milked or cravened lord or lady and get a "clean" one on board :)

maugwhy 1

thx for all the tips, i used it on margeary against a GJ deck and it was game for me ^^