Greyjoy Alliance of the Queen's guard

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AssortedNeedles 63

Hey, this is the deck that I have been playing a lot the past months, recently going 6-0 at a great hall event, also making second place at the Dutch national championship going 7-1 last year and a mate of mine went top 16 at Stahleck with it. It is a bit reminiscent of the Tyrell Renly Queensguard deck, but a bit more flexible as you have a wider selection of big dudes and also Dragon Binder.

It basically depends om playing big dudes and switching Queens's Guard / SotH / Dragonbinder around. Dragonbinder is really good for suprise intimidate and you can switch it back for a stand attachment after. Core Balon with standing and Strength buffs is especially good. Grabbing power with reknown and un oposed with Balon and Theon. With a good start winning turn 2 or 3 is not uncommon. If you get behind you can stall a bit with valar as your only goal is get a good character on the field with 3 cost attachment. Have won multiple games were I got a bad start and was 0-10 behind in power but still won.

It does suffer a bit vs atrition and aggro decks, that's why it's especially good in Great Hall events as you can add Drowned Gods Blessing / Risen from the Sea / Qarth / Hagen's Daughter/ more chuds etc as needed.

Open Time of Plenty if you already have a big dude on setup, otherwise Trading to play a big dude + 3 cost attachment.

Of course lots of variations are possible, now I put a bit more maesters in because I like Measter's Chain as attachment removal, but you could also play other chuds and use Confiscation or Qarth. Citadel archivist is much better I found then Isle of Ravens if you play QueensGuard and Hizdar.


jjkuif 1

This is one of the most fun decks i’ve played in a long while. You undersold how good this deck is imo. Great deckbuilding!

TheTank 195

Love this build as I am a big fan of voltron qohor decks. This deck is very good and has made some top results. Well done!

kweeny 457

Awesome deck indeed!