And So He Spoke

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eelnoside 87

I have been working on this deck since the spoilers for Cersei Lannister (DitD) was out.

The deck itself is pretty well rounded with handling most things. A certain favorite is to have Myrcella Baratheon (SoD), Tommen Baratheon or Frey Lordling to be used for Heir to the Iron Throne to bring out Tywin Lannister (Core).

I had brought out Ser Lancel Lannister from Shadows multiple times, having won most challenges when he was brought out. The Hound (TtB) out of Shadows and then Ambushing him later on is a sweet trick too.

Lions of the Rock is an delight for Assault from the Shadows, bypassing cards like Supporting the Faith allows me to make the necessary out of Shadows or Ambush.

Posting this deck list as I am a Martell loyalist (I only run Martell in tournaments) so hoping someone whom loves Lannister to have fun with this deck.

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Avelfaltazi 1

Hey ! gonna take a drive with this deck, but i was wondering, VM or VD... I guess rather VM since you destroy opponent's hand ?

And what about Init ? Never played Shadow deck before but i guess you rather go 2nd right ?

Thx for the list !