The SOB Killer (1st, Sydney SC)

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Hybrid92 242

This deck was created to specifically counter Sea of Blood (as well as other aggro decks) which I expected to be prominent across the Store Championship season here in Sydney, Australia. This deck came 1st in one Store Championship (which had Sea of Blood comprise almost 50% of the field) and equal 2nd in two further Store Championships which had no Sea of Blood decks present. All three were small events with no cut.

Forced March, In the Name of Your King, His Viper Eyes, Old Bill Bone, and Beguiled are great answers to SOB, while Desert Raider, Shadow City Bastard, Milk of the Poppy, and the cheeky solitary copy of Melisandre offer some great spot control when necessary. Beguiled in particular has great flexibility to control the power icon (the majority of the time) or the military icon against aggro.

Starry Sept and Fury were both at 2x in testing but were cut down to 1x as they are helpful without being essential.

The idea of the deck is to control and dominate the power challenge while letting through insignificant intrigue and military challenges so the opponent gets power that you can steal. By mid-game you ideally want to have the power challenge on lockdown and one of your two kings out (and hopefully participating in multiple challenges per turn).

Shireen is amazing and I almost always put her in shadows first before she helps me win or fizzle out a power challenge initiated against me, while Queen's Men were also pretty good, often kneeling out a Desert Raider to snipe a key event from an opponent's hand.

While this deck is purpose built to handle Sea of Blood and other aggro decks, it has a pretty good record against most of the popular decks out there. The deck I had the most problems with is Martell Wars Doran's Game because Bara's intrigue game is so weak and they can give high strength and power icons easily to characters through The Prince's Plan.

While this deck is quite effective and can be tough to handle once it gets going, it is vulnerable to Valar Morghulis, especially if the Red Keep is not found. My only two losses in Store Championships came when I failed to recover from a Valar Morghulis due to a lack of characters (caused by a lack of draw). In later iterations of the deck, I swapped the second Forced March for Exchange of Information, and the Privileged Position for Support of the People (to find the Red Keep).


Luke@me 21

Hey mate. Great deck. Just out of curiosity, where do you play in Sydney. I live in the area and have struggled to find players. Cheers.

luciusgrey 1

@Luke@me they play at Top Ryde Good Games. For events info hit up the Facebook group, A Game of Thrones LCG Sydney

Hybrid92 242

@Luke@me Hi Luke, we have been playing at Good Games Burwood for a number of years but recently made the switch to Good Games Top Ryde City where we play every Wednesday at 7pm. You can get more info about the FB group mentioned above: A Game of Thrones LCG Sydney

Hybrid92 242

@luciusgrey How'd you know? Have you played with us in Sydney before?