The Power Dream - Melee - TOP 4 Vaes Bulghar 2019

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IkaPakao 46

The deck I played on second day of the Vaes Bulghar 2019.

Shout out to the Bulgarian meta for hosting such joyful event! Shout out to the Greek meta for coming in force as usual and winning the Joust event this time! Congrats!

In Serbia we do not play Melee at all so it is always fun to do it in Sofia :)

I played only two games, winning one and coming second in the other.

[HRD] The Starry Sept + Hand of the King proved to be a great combo.

In first game the stars have been the old trumps such as Robert Baratheon (Core), Ours is the Fury, The Red Keep and Superior Claim, supported by the Fury flagship.

The second game was starred by Ser Cortnay Penrose and princess Shireen Baratheon (MoD). The knight was winning multiple challenges attacking and deterring power challenges against the Royal house, until that Treachery happened. :) The Princess went nuclear attacking alone being the Hand of the King.

I was unable to play the finals because we had to leave back to Serbia after to long two rounds on Sunday.

One really bad card in this was Summer Harvest which stumbled upon Varys's Riddle both times. In the first game I was lucky in the negotiations and got my gold. In the second one, not so much. Therefore Robert decided not to participate. Only the Lord of Light knows why I had this card in the deck. :)

I am sure there is plenty room for improvement, but that was the only card I was not happy about during these two matches.

Second improvement could have been, let's say You Win Or You Die instead of Counting Coppers, which I played in both games as my third and last plot (after Late Summer Feast and Summer Harvest).

I look forward to the comments and suggestions.

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Toaster 35

Looks very interesting, do you think this can be adopted to be playable in Joust and what cards would you change for that?