Blackwater Bay Selyse Repeater

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Clu 248

The hardest match-ups are Stark with both Robb, Wyman, and Big Cat. The game is winnable but it is a slog. Also, seriously considering burn the dead for the GJ fanatic. Your hand control should be enough to keep them to a minimum but if they get going with Old Wyk your character triggers are hosed.

I originally put this together for a R'hllor Vanquish deck because, I've always wanted to use Sacrifice to the Red God. That card alone keeps your characters free of Milks and other adverse attachments as you sacrifice them to go fetch their own copy to replay. Don't forget that Red God's Blessing makes your character R'hllor so you can sack them off as well.

Just play all the kneel every turn, mostly before your Blackwater Bay trigger. You are going to draw more cards anyway. Enjoy!

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