The Manderly's Sacrifice

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Johnny_cornerhouse 9

Hi everyone, this is the firts deck of mine. I've started now to play AGOT LCG. So every suggestion are welcome. The principal focus of this deck is around Wyman Manderly and Catelyn Stark (WotN) and their abilties. My plan is to start rushing with the wolf and after the middle of the game begin to sacrifice my wolves or others characters to improve Cat. The second important combo also useful to Wyman e Cat is to use Jory Cassel and Old Nan.

I think that the sacrifice idea is a very thematic and tragic plan and also apropriate with the Stark theme.

I know that when i'll buy a second core set this deck could improve and became more interesting but in meanwhile i'll play like this.


adolomin 1

Any particular reasons you wouldn't want to include Meera Reed or Skagos? Both seem to go hand in hand with a Stark sacrifice deck.

Johnny_cornerhouse 9

@adolominfor Meera Reed i haven't the charapter pack, but i will include it in my deck. For Skagos you've right, now that i read better the card i think that i put it. Thanks so much!