"I am no one" - War of the Faiths Winner (38p)

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Stark Crossing - Lithuanian Regionals Winner (8-0) 10 7 0 1.0
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SpiriT 177

The deck I used to win the War of the Faiths tourney. Nothing too fancy, just sharing a way to play crossing in Sea of Blood and Greyjoy meta. I think both of those matchups are quite good.

The meta tech includes: 3x Bran Stark (Core) 3x Rickon Stark 1x Old Bill Bone Catelyn Stark (Core) with "Off To Gulltown"

The usual game plan is:

  1. Open with Varys's Riddle or Summer Harvest. I think these two cards if used correctly give you an advantage against pretty much every other opener (Peace and Prosperity might be the only one escaping them)
  2. The Withering Cold utilized with Greatjon Umber and some smaller dude with I Am No One. Dream is Sansa Stark (WotN) with Septa Mordane on board and I Am No One and "Off To Gulltown". Usually leads to a lot of power and card gain.
  3. Heir to the Iron Throne to get Robb Stark (Core) on the table if he isn't yet there and stand everyone. In most of my matches, I closed on turn 3.

If it goes longer use Forced March or You Win Or You Die as finishers and Valar Dohaeris to reset the board (you can use Wyman Manderly to get card advantage before a reset.

Two losses I had were both where I was ahead and lost in literally last 10-20 seconds of the match in sudden death time, which I think both could have been avoided if I played smarter. Still congrats to Saana and Johannes who had very strong and creative decks, full of surprises.

That's it folks, stay safe and wait for Johannes to share his amazing winter deck if you are a Stark fan.


Johannes 404

Congrats and thanks for the kind words! I'll try to publish the deck list soon. I really like your deck and how it has been adapted to the current meta.

scythian 1

Congrats on the tournament!!! I just would to ask, why you didn't put Skagos in the deck?

Tekko 34

Congrats!!! That was a good game, but i'm lost in Top 8 ))

SpiriT 177

@scythian there is no real need for it. I just need a sacrifice effect after withering and get it with Heir to the Iron Throne. In crossing you just want every card help you with gaining power.

@Tekkothank you, I was just lucky to get all the pieces in time before you burn me to ashes

juhlii 24

Congrats for the deserved win and thanks for a tight and enjoyable game! Rickon going off to Gulltown and then becoming no one was definitely one of the highlights of the day.

Tbh, I also think you could've won our game without the time ruling, but I consider it a gift from the orange card gods for dragging a Crossing match to time.

H2Masri 1

Would you make any changes now after the tournament? Anything you learned that you think might guide future deck building?

SpiriT 177

@juhliiI also failed opening Harvest instead of Riddle against you. Most of the thrones games are won or lost in plot phase. Still, you would have crushed me with no time rules, so it was very well deserved win.

@H2Masri I've added Old Bill Bone and The Kingsroad instead of Great Hall few days before the tourney and they worked out quite well. Not sure what else to change.

Most flexible spots are probably The Wolf King and Relentless Assault, but king saved me in the matchups against Tyrell Summer.

Paladin Wolf 7

Any ideas for how to deal with Martell shadows shenanigans?