Stark Fealty - For the Old Gods - Top 16 in War of the Faith

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Stark Fealty - No Surprises (Top 16 and best Stark at Euros) 12 4 3 1.0

Johannes 399

This is my Stark deck I've been brewing for a while. I decided to save it for amazing tournament War of the Faiths in Tallinn. The idea of the tournament is compete for different faiths in Westeros and across the narrow sea. I've always been a fan of winter tech in Stark and finally I think it's viable. I also wanted to make deck using only Stark card and I want to use cards that people don't know that well. I really think As Hard as Winter is a really good card in the current meta but needed just a good Winter traited opener like Winter Reserves. I could have made some changes to make it more competitive but I wanted to be as thematic as possible. The deck would probably be better of with Wyman Manderly as a restricted card and it would have helped me especially against Saana's Martell Wolf. But I wanted to use 3x Maege Mormont and Breaking Ties as restricted cards since it's slightly out of the meta and will surprise many players. The deck certainly has the loyal chuds for it. I think with Wyman I would replace Breaking Ties with Nothing Burns Like The Cold since Frozen Solid on Skagos can be a pain in the ass.

Tournament report follows:

Round 1, Ülo with Night's Watch Crossing

He gets a good setups with rangers and Haunted Forest Scout with a Longclaw. I marshal Karhold first turn and really slow his power rush down. In the end I can with the game quite easily, my deck simply has all the answers for his deck.

Round 2, Lena KT Greyjoy Wars

Lena was playing a drowned god deck. I've played it a bit and I am familiar with the deck. I concentrate on power challenges and use Winterfell to stop her shenanigans. With the extra strength from Winterfell and power from Winter Festival I'm able to close it before she gets her combos going.

Round 3, Eduard with GJ Sea of Blood

Eduard was playing the infamous deck of the current meta. I was bit unaware how it would go since I haven't really practiced for it but I knew my deck has answers for Sea of Blood. Fortunately I have duped Robb Stark (Core) and Arya Stark (Core) from the start and also Bran Stark (Core). I think Bran Stark (Core) was canceled every time I used him by Drowned God Fanatic but in the end we are both top decking but Meera Reed wins me the game by constantly blanking Asha Greyjoy (Km).

Round 4, Zbignev with Stark Crossing

I mulligan into a hand were I can setup either Robb Stark (Core) and two locations or four locations including Winterfell, Karhold and Skagos. I choose to setup four locations and hope to refill my hand with chuds. Unfortunately only chud I had was Meera Reed and I decided to marshal her with Donella Hornwood. Meera Reed end up dead but luckily Summer (Core) and Skagos keeps me circulating chuds and slowing Zbignev down. I try to oppose every challenge and get no power on my house card to slow him down. With help of Winter Festivals I stay in the battle. In the end I manage to close it on Breaking Ties turn by returning his Eddard Stark (WotN) into his hand and finally returning my own Skagos in hand to let Dacey Mormont and Maege Mormont to get their renown. Mod win for me in the last seconds.

On the off note there's a lot of discussion about mod wins and I wanted this to be a mod win personally even though it hurt my place in the cut and in final standings. I slowed the game down myself and I was around 11 power thus not deserving the full win.

Round 5, Saana with Martell Wolf

As people might know I hate Ward. I thought I'm probably not going to see it because of the restriction but my lovely Finnish meta mates are sure to bring it to tournaments anyway. I think Saana was able to control the game from the beginning with intrigue challenges and Ward. I played too passively and had no chance in this game.

Round 6, Emils with Tyrell Sea of Blood

Emils was running a cool Tyrell knights Sea of Blood. I thought in advance I might have a good matchup in this game with my control and Breaking Ties. Emils has a great setup with two Green-Apple Knights, Jousting Pavilion, Rose Garden and Arbor Marketplace if remember correctly. In the end it's too much for me to handle even with my control and Emils gets a win even though Rickon Stark canceled all of his Sea of Blood triggers.

Top 16, Saana with Martell Wolf

A rematch against Saana doesn't give me high hopes. I spend half of the evening, night and morning thinking about how I should play and decide to make a more aggressive approach. I setup Catelyn Stark (Core) and Saana opens up with Exchange of Information and I have to give her Ward. Luckily I have Skagos and I can change my Cat for a fatter one. I realise she might still get a board wipe by Warding a military chud but it's all about my more aggressive approach anyway since this way she has to use all of her money for Ward instead of building econ base and needs to use Marched to the Wall next turn for only little gold. Instead of Marched to the Wall she get's her board wipe with Bolton Flayer and Arianne Martell (Core) into Ramsay Snow. I realise two can play this game an get a board wipe of my own with Ramsay Snow, Skagos, Ramsay Snow and I still have gold to use As Hard as Winter to bring Arya Stark (Core) out. I get the better board and start rushing for the victory. Unfortunately she finds Frozen Solid for my Skagos and my Summer (Core) tricks are over. Then she Valar Morghulis and I lose Summer (Core). I think after her Valar Morghulis I would have needed to top deck a chud or a stand for my Maege Mormont to win the game but that doesn't happen unfortunately. I think I'm 2 or 3 times at 14 power but get too greedy and go for one more unopposed with Meera Reed. This opens up a way for her to get "The Last of the Giants" Varys (Core) out. My top deck isn't great and she comes back in time to win the game 15-14. A great game and excellent come back from Saana. Maybe the "The Last of the Giants" Varys (Core) shows some rust in my part since I haven't played lot lately and especially not against reset decks.

After joust I throw in the deck in Driver not the car tournament and it goes 2-1 in it. The deck is pretty good and a lot of fun to play with. Using Wyman Manderly and Nothing Burns Like The Cold would probably make it even more competitive.


SpiriT 177

I was highly impressed by the deck in action. It’s not only fun and thematic, but also strong

Diomedes 2904

Cool deck! I've built something similar, but with Kings of Winter of course. :D I don't play the Mormonts, but they should be really good with Passing the Black Gate.

I also play First Snow of Winter and Heir to the Iron Throne instead of Dohaeris and Breaking Ties. Another card I can really recommend is Winterfell Crypt.

Kingnothing 1

Congratulations to your result. I love to see a theme deck like yours is doing well. I will definitely give them a go and trie it. Thx for sharing

Johannes 399

@SpiriTthanks! I think it's a strong deck too but I was slightly unlucky been paired against Saana again since that was the worst match up I faced the whole weekend.

@Diomedes I've tested it also out of Kings of Winter and with the Passing the Black Gate but I just think you get more value out of Fealty. And I think it's thematic to run Fealty when you're not playing any neutrals. I found Winterfell Crypt. There's just too many restrictions in that card.

@King Nothing thanks. I really hoped I could have done even better. But I think I faced a lot of great players with good decks and had a lot of great and tight games.

juhlii 24

Both our games were tight (second one perhaps a bit more than the first one, it was a fun game to play!), and if I hadn't found FroSo for Skagos, they could've ended differently.

I really like the idea of a thematic Stark deck with winter tech! Just needs some more Ward. ;)

Johannes 399

@juhliiWard >:(

H2Masri 1

Do you remove the Mormont tech for Wyman? Any other changes to make it more competitive? I love Stark Winter and this list is dang close to what I want to play. I can’t decide between Big Cat and Small Cat tho. Very cool deck and congrats on the results!

Johannes 399

@H2Masri I would keep the Mormont tech in. It's good to find a renown character with the scouts and Maege gives you draw too. The next pack is giving even more support for the Mormonts and all Stark deck which is nice. The new locations let's you cut Umber Loyalists and replace them with one more Scout and Alysane Mormont.

Badrach 17

Now that the new chapter has arrived would you include the gates? I assume Alysane is a must too.

Kingnothing 1

Without Wyman I would do. And Johannes also wrote it in his write up :-)

SpiriT 177

Used a bit changed and updated with new cards version in our local tourney, went 5-0. Plays very smoothly and interestingly, a bit on the slow side (but still within the time limit). Biggest challenge to deal with was Greyjoy SoB with Victarion Greyjoy (MoD), who can just kneel Winterfell before you jump Meera Reed in.

Deck for anyone interested:

Johannes 399

@SpiriTnice to hear. It's on the slow side but Winter Festivals help with that. I think Greyjoy SoB is much decided by who finds their stuff first. The deck has plenty of answers (Winterfell, Meera, Rickon, Bran) but Big Vic causes some problems along with Fanatics.

Johannes 399

@SpiriTjust noticed you had a neutral card in your deck! Shame! ;)