Lanni Sun Sleight of Hand Joust Edition (Part 3)

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Clu 248

I'm going to publish 3 decks in the hopes that some folks will find it interesting or instructional about the journey to building a decent deck. Here is my final destination (well, sort of). The whole goal was to use Varys (DitD) repeatedly to greatly impact the game.

From my previous games with the inspiration deck I was finding that my wins were leaning more heavily on Cersei Lannister (DitD) rather than Varys. The thought process being that I'll want to clear the board multiple times during a game until they don't have any cards. Sorry sniper Varys, going back to shotgun Varys (Core).

Turn one play Trading with the Pentoshi and choose to go second if you can. I normally hate this card and would never allow it in any of my decks. But, I want my opponent to play all their dudes so I can attack their hand and clear the board later with Varys or Valar Morghulis. It was not uncommon to clear out my opponent's hand on turn one.

When I first played this deck it got beat immediately by Meera Reed and then The Wall (Core). So, I added in Begging Brother and Seized by the Guard. I knew the deck was susceptible to Nightmares and Milk of the Poppy so I figured out a cute work around. At first I was all in with Marched to the Wall and then just draw the character again later. It didn't seem good enough. So I went with Heir to the Iron Throne and added in some cheap lords. Much smoother. It gave me confidence to put in Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) as another closer. Tommen Baratheon turned out to be quite good in the deck and may bump him to x2.

Most of the shadow cards are cheap! While they are ok on their own they are only there to power Cersei. A Pinch of Powder turned out to be really good in the right match-up. Beneath the Bridge of Dream is to trigger Valar twice if you don't draw Varys.

My deck concept had failed or at least I couldn't find a way to use the card correctly. While this deck is not has fun as Spy Hunter it makes it up by being super grindy until your opponent doesn't have any cards left. And then it's mostly an inevitable march towards victory. The win percentage is quite high as long as you like playing 10 plots!

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Clu 248

Oh, forgot to mention, this deck is Melee legal for a reason. Add another Pinch if you are planning to play multiple folks. Hilarious.