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scantrell24 3137

2nd draft.

Potential Cards:

Uneasy Truce


Late Summer Feast

Seasoned Woodsman

Veteran Builder

Cunning Steward

Grizzled Miner


Othell Yarwyck

Old Bear Mormont

Improved Fortifications



Bridge of Skulls

White Tree

Daggers in the Dark

Crow Is a Tricksy Bird

"Off to Gulltown"


RDude 187

This is the build I have been most succesfull with so far:

Builders 2019

The Night's Watch Kings of Summer

Packs: From Core Set to At the Gates

Plots (7): 1x Exchange of Information (TSC) 1x For the Watch! (NMG) 1x Time of Plenty (LoCR) 2x Trade Routes (HoT) 1x Valar Dohaeris (TAK) 1x Valar Morghulis (TIMC)

Characters (29): 3x Aged Craftsman (AtG) 1x Arry (AtSK) 1x Benjen Stark (Core) 2x Builder at the Wall (WotW) 3x Castle Black Mason (WotW) 3x Dolorous Edd (CtA) 3x Eastwatch Carpenter (AMAF) 2x Halder (NMG) 1x Maester Aemon (Core) 2x Messenger Raven (Core) 1x Othell Yarwyck (TRW) 3x Shadow Tower Mason (TIMC) 1x Three-Finger Hobb (IDP) 3x Veteran Builder (Core)

Attachments (6): 3x Craven (CtA) 3x Practice Blade (TKP)

Locations (21): 3x Abandoned Stronghold (WotW) 1x Brandon's Gift (TRtW) 1x Castle Black (Core) 1x Eastwatch-by-the-Sea (AMAF) 3x Flea Bottom Alley (AtG) 1x Isle of Ravens (TIMC) 3x The Haunted Forest (TIMC) 1x The Iron Throne (Core) 1x The Shadow Tower (WotN) 3x The Wall (Core) 3x Underground Vault (TFoA)

Events (4): 2x Nightmares (CoW) 2x The Watch Has Need (TtB)

Itachi 1

Hey, I was just catching up on builders and have some questions concerning your list:

  • what is your reasoning behind double valar? To my knowledge builders want to have big boards
  • why only 1x brandon's gift?
  • is fleabottom alley worth it or would you rather have a location that stays on board?

Thank you for your answers.

scantrell24 3137

@ItachiI'm by no means an expert on Builders. You may want to ask in the Night's Watch facebook group. But my understanding is that Builders have an uncanny ability to re-flood the board after a reset through their insane draw and economy, so they are uniquely positioned to take advantage of a 2nd reset.

In my limited experience, Brandon's Gift is good but not essential. Flea Bottom Alley has been fantastic. The card draw should not be overlooked.