1st Place Midwest Championship

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DarkKnight76 239

Big thanks to Chris Thompson for drafting me to Targ for JND or I wouldn’t have ever played targ for SC season and this event. I tweaked this deck through 2 SC (Won 1 and 3-1 in the other). I was pretty stuck on using Core Dany for this deck because of her strength for rains, insight, her ability hurting SoB decks, and the benefits of rhaegal and viserion. The deck just controls the board very handily with burn and rains control.

Went 5-1 in Swiss, and took down the top 8 and 4 games pretty handily. The final was an amazing match, went 12 plots against a great player in Colt Humbert.

Round 1 vs FreeFolk- Win

Round 2 vs Greyjoy Crossing - Win

Round 3 vs Greyjoy Crossing - Win

Round 4 vs Nights Watch Greensight - Loss

Round 5 vs Targaryen Crossing - Win

Round 6 vs Martel Qohor - Win

Top 8 vs Nights Watch Assualt from Shadows- Win

Top 4 vs Martell Wars- Win

Final vs Martell Qohor- Win


mak 35

Congrats! Nicely done with Core Dany! Quick questions :


DarkKnight76 239

Yeah Jhiqui just helps the deck close faster when I can. The 2x Aegon seem much for just 1x Daario but I want to get Daario into play ASAP some games to get that rains trigger and use his effect, also I love to keep aegon in shadows when I’m setting up a valar for the next turn to rains out of it. And YWOYD is just a closing plot or to maximize pressure, I don’t really flip into it unless I have Meereen on board to recover.

movac 1

Opening with LSF seem fine even if your opponent draws cards, they often wouldn't have the reserve to keep all of it anyways. but in later rounds, did you find it gave them too many cards? or just you just make sure you trigger rains ASAP?

DarkKnight76 239

I would just trigger rains ASAP, also either time I would play LSF I would intentionally go into spiders web to counter act them getting a card from LSF plus them lose another 2

waowowdo 1

can you share some more insight on your deck...

how to play, card and deck choices

what to mulligan for