I am the swarm - Winner Margaery Cup in S.Korea (5-0)

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None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
Nick Pain Stark Fest (2° festin de puercos 32 players) 4 2 1 1.0

kgh8981 79

It was built to handle Sea of Blood meta. This deck makes your board big so that you win the attacking challenge with The Lord of the Crossing or defending challenge. Passing the Black Gate, Bear Island Scout, and Umber Loyalist would help it.

Wyman Manderly and Robb Stark (Core) engine makes you win faster, but without these characters you can win with The Lord of the Crossing.

Opening plot is Trading with the Pentoshi if you have enough characters already in your hand. Do not be afraid of valar. 2x Return to the Fields is awesome Anti-valar. It makes synergy with Wyman Manderly.

Political Disaster is for and slow control deck.

Round 1 Win vs. The Lord of the Crossing

Round 2 Win vs. The House With the Red Door

Round 3 Win vs. Fealty

Round 4 Win vs. Sea of Blood

Round 5 Win vs. Banner of the Stag


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와! 스타크! 와! 크로싱!

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와 마저리컵 우승덱....

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와 제목!

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제목 성의없기 대회 우승자 덱인가요?

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