Drowned God - Post FAQ Version 1.3 (No more changes)

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Benji 716

Version 1.3 after some test and most likely the version I will settle on.

I had to make some changes because the behavior of the deck was modified by recent releases.

You Win Or You Die is not expected, even by myself. But I need a plot giving eco, giving draw, giving initiative on finish and filling your dead pile vs passive decks. And it was the only one really doing the job... Reserve 0 is not really an annoyance since all important cards go to dead pile and you can easily plays the others before.

Hagen's Daughter is permanent military opposer, for 2-gold, FSoW resilience and Ironborn trait.

Jade Sea Dromond is x3 because it's simply too good. The presence of Karhold makes it necessary to secure this threat.

Dragonbinder is back because Drogon spiral out-of-control without it. I would play it x2 if I had the slots, if the card was less expensive and if the card was able to do his Drogon-metagame alone... At least it remains a third copy of Disciple.

Read the rest on previous publications.

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Toaster 35

What is your opinion on + Drowned God? I think it offers significantly more control especially against the Sea of Blood matchups.

So against Drogon (IDP) we simply lose, because he kills Tarle the Thrice-Drowned?