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Luke@me 15

This can be nasty. I haven't included any cards from the city of secrets or at the gates because they haven't arrived for me yet.

Key elements here are:

The Crow is a Tricksy Bird - Play this alongside trade routes. Pick out the opponent's painfully rich kingdom card (such as Late Summer Feast, or Trading with the Pentoshi) and get ready to flash Naval Superiority at them the next turn. This hampers them early on, after this, you can repeat, aligning Varys's Riddle with anything they have that works for you.

Sea Bitch- take any location that works against you for a round. The card entering your discard is fine as there's 2x Citadel Archivist in the deck to recycle. works in line with the next card.

Political Disaster - Wean down your opponent's locations. Anything remaining, Sea Bitch can take care of

-crap load of builders - works inline with Brandon's Gift -Hagen's Daughter a repeatable mil soak

I'm unsure if Garrison on the Wall is worth it or not... I'm half wondering if 2x Silence's Crew would be better. Also, Plundered works well if you get the jump on opponents, especially against Targ but there's 3x Sea Bitch so...

Well, this is a true version 1.0. Let me know what you think/improvements.


Toaster 35

First of all good job on such a unique deck idea, it looks very interesting.

You are only running 14 Builders, I'm not sure 3x Brandon's Gift is going to work out for you, your economy seems a bit on the weak side anyway with only 6x economy cards (9 if you count the Miner's Picks).

Donal Noye might be interesting to you if you add A Pinch of Powder or some more weapons.

I'm a bit confused on how this deck is supposed to win? Just do a lot of unopposed challenges when you got the stealth up and running? Trade Routes in combination with Political Disaster seems a bit weird as well, aren't those two on the opposite end of things?

What is your plan with Double-Dealing? I feel this card has a very hard time to hit something relevant.

Economy plots are usually played very early on, and because of Naval Superiority a lot of players use a pure "Summer" plot or the new At the Gates which isn't hit by Naval Superiority, additionally your only way to get the gold for The Crow is a Tricksy Bird is via Trade Routes which in turn is relatively weak early on.
So I think most of the economy plots will already be played by the time you get your Tricks Bird off or the economy plots can't be hit by Naval at all.

Overall I think it's a neat deck idea but a bit unfocused.
Personally it's the hardest thing in this game to be able to cut down to the cards you really need to realize your deck idea.

Hope this helps, looking forward to your changes :)

Luke@me 15

@ toaster I just spent 20 minutes in responding, to have accidentally clicked a card link in the preview below, and it lost everything :(((

I'll keep this short and sweet, but thank you for your comments, I agree with you on most of the observations and they're valid after play testing.

Some quick notes, Political Disaster to me is necessary for playing against Greyjoy, so it's an auto-include.

Double-Dealing although i'll cut this for something more impact full, I've had quite a bit of luck in the past re-triggering, Confiscation, Filthy Accusations, Power Behind the Throne, You Win Or You Die.

Naval Superiority hits kingdom cards, so At the Gates is affected. I'll cut this though (see next point)

Agree with the original pack reviewers for The Crow is a Tricksy Bird, it's sacred to allow the other player choice of plots, so I don't like playing this. 2x trade routes, was in the deck to fund this, so that may need to be revised.

In response to your point, "I'm a bit confused on how this deck is supposed to win?" yeah, it's a good point. I actually haven't put enough focus on this... I think ideas for crafty dealings took precedence.

In the last day or so, I've been experimenting with a slightly different deck that focuses on the wall (I can't get the link to show, but it's the 6-gold one). The Bay of Seals works great with the recruited characters. It also works brilliantly with Hardhome to discard the opponent's heavy hitters.

Again, thanks for the comments, I'll upload the revised deck, featuring the wall with the other fixes in the next day or too. Would be good to get your opinion on that too! I'll name it 'A not so tricksy, more winny deck'.