A not so tricksy deck -thoughts/improvements?

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Luke@me 15

This is a complete rework of 'A tricksy deck' thanks to some play testing and comments from @toaster. I've gone for a mix of old with new, here, using the Varys (Core) / neutrals + "The Last of the Giants". Honestly, I didn't ever try this out when it was 'a thing'. Consequently, I'm unsure of it's flaws.. or if I've set it up appropriately. PLEASE let me know.

On a randomised draw of factions for deck construction, I got the nights watch and greyjoy, so this is set in stone for now.

General theme:

Citadel Archivist - regeneration of the discard pile

All other neutrals - Play with "The Last of the Giants".

Note: Rattleshirt's Raiders are in there to get rid of any unwanted attachments

Wex Pyke - Struggled to fill with the 12 out of faction cards required, so just added this guy

Saltcliffe Sailor - OK I love this card. With Unbridled Generosity, it's stealth all round

Shadow Tower Mason - Gives the deck some Icons

Silence's Crew - in combo with Unbridled Generosity a beast

Spare Boot - Movement of unwanted character attachments

Thoren Smallwood - Gain some power

Three-Finger Hobb - Draw

Vindictive Ranger - Some attack win

Craven - Hopefully keep some players standing

Obsidian Arrows - Works with Unbridled Generosity again although could be cut

Castle Black - Win some defense

Gates of the Moon - cheap econ

Queenscrown - get some characters in the discard for the wall/Guarding the Realm/Now My Watch Begins.

Raiding Longship - Again, struggled to fill the 12 out of faction cards

Sea Bitch - Take anything good for a round. Citadel Archivist lets me re-draw

The Bay of Seals - Stand my new recrutis

Raiding the Bay of Ice - Again, struggled to fill the 12 out of faction cards. it's a free draw though.


Toaster 35

Hey there again,
I think this is already moving into the right direction, being more focused and what not.

Okay I tried to rebuild your deck in a way you might find compelling and tried to make it a bit more stable:

Plots (7)
1x At the Gates
1x Confiscation
1x Exchange of Information
1x Favors From the Crown
1x Forced March
1x Valar Dohaeris
1x You Win Or You Die
Character (32)
2x Begging Brother
1x Citadel Archivist
1x Hagen's Daughter
1x Jaqen H'ghar
1x Maester Murenmure
1x Mag the Mighty
1x Old Bill Bone
3x Saltcliffe Sailor
3x Shadow Tower Mason
3x Silence's Crew
1x Spare Boot
3x Steward at the Wall
2x Stony Shore Raider
3x Thoren Smallwood
3x Three-Finger Hobb
2x Vindictive Ranger
1x Wex Pyke
Attachment (3)
3x Craven
Location (15)
1x Castle Black
1x Gates of the Moon
1x Isle of Ravens
3x Queenscrown
1x Sea Bitch
1x The Bay of Seals
3x The Wall (TMoW)
3x Underground Vault
1x Westwatch-by-the-Bridge
Event (11)
2x "The Last of the Giants"
2x Guarding the Realm
1x Night Gathers...
2x Now My Watch Begins
1x The Hand's Judgment
3x Unbridled Generosity

Okay let's talk about my decisions:

Noteworthy Characters

  • Begging Brother simply a great character controlling your opponent and works perfectly in your deck.
  • Stony Shore Raider great character at controlling those pesky locations and is also synergistic with your deck.
  • Steward at the Wall You usually want these kind of characters in any faction just for set up, claim fodder and as additional economy.
  • Wex Pyke you already had him there and he works well with your Bestow tech.
    Maester Murenmure great one-off unique
    Hagen Dasz's Daughter makes their claim less worthwhile, also a great one-off.

I cut down on some locations (you usually aren't desperately needing copies of these: Sea Bitch, Castle Black, and The Bay of Seals, because they are situational and would be a dead draw if you got a copy).

I added Westwatch-by-the-Bridge, because it works very well with Queenscrown so you can add more characters to their discard pile.

Some of the neutral options were also reduced (Rattleshirt's Raiders and Rattleshirt aren't that good or don't work well with your deck, Rattleshirt can be blocked by your Craven targets for example). What followed was a reduction of "The Last of the Giants" down to two.

Added Night Gathers..., because I think it will be fun if your economy is set up.

I hope this was somewhat helpful and not too intrusive, give it a go and adjust where you think I made wrong choices (thematic or otherwise).


Toaster 35

One thing I forgot which is great with the Big Wall: Ghost of High Heart, it lets you choose which card to discard.

Toaster 35

Another classic combo is The Bloody Flux with a duped unique character that you target with Coldhands, the dupe goes to the discard, you recruit it and the original character is stuck in limbo if Coldhands should die.

Just food for thought.

Additionally the new Shadow Politics lets you remove specific cards from an opponents discard pile so you could use that instead of Night Gathers..., whatever floats your boat.

Luke@me 15

@Toaster Love it!

My copy of 'At the gates' and 'City of secrets' just got delivered today (Australia - go figure)

So yes, I'll definitely make the plot change to At the Gates.

Stony Shore Raider is a good spot. works with the Unbridled Generosity nicely, and even combos well with Saltcliffe Sailor . Stealth and Location control in one. I suppose sea bitch isn't really necessary then...

Only issue I see is that I only count 8x Greyjoy cards... I'm liking the look of Ahead of the Tide. I feel it's almost a guaranteed 0 gold draw card. win win? 3 of those to me reads as 3x draw.

I like the Westwatch-by-the-Bridge Queenscrown combo thing you suggested. Good synergy.

OK. I'll put it together, but will have to make some sight edits to hit the 12x Greyjoy threshold. Will let you know how it goes!

Toaster 35

You might have miscounted, it's exactly on 12 cards:
1x Hagen's Daughter (1)
1x Maester Murenmure (2)
3x Saltcliffe Sailor (5)
3x Silence's Crew (8)
2x Stony Shore Raider (10)
1x Wex Pyke (11)
1x Sea Bitch (12)

I envy you here in Germany I still haven't even had the possibility of ordering my new chapter packs from my favorite board game store (Brexit and whatnot).

Toaster 35

I'm liking the look of Ahead of the Tide. I feel it's almost a guaranteed 0 gold draw card. win win? 3 of those to me reads as 3x draw.

I think you are overestimating card draw cards like that (I would call this type of card a cantrip, because it replaces itself) and the most precious thing in AGoT is the 60 card slots you fill your deck with, and usually if you haven't got a very good reason to why you want additional +3 initiative you shouldn't add the card.

We already have absurd card draw in Three-Finger Hobb.

Toaster 35

@Luke@me Just read your comments about Political Disaster in the older build of the deck (you want it against ), but I think to be able to run Political Disaster successfully you should go down to 10 locations and that's a completely different deck than this.

can usually "only" pull off Political Disaster in a Ranger focused deck in my opinion. Or maybe go for the new Knights of the Hollow Hill agenda, but as I said this will be a completely different deck from this one.

If you a desperate for location control without harming yourself go for Seized by the Guard, but I think you will find that Stony Shore Raiders + Begging Brothers should do an adequate job against boats and friends, if you can stabilize your board.