The Knights who say Hi (GNK winner)

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Alduc 20

A word of warning: I don't consider myself a great Thrones deckbuilder. But after not having been able to play a single competitive game since last august, I decided to build a deck using the new Knights of the Hollow Hill agenda and show up at a local GNK.

I went 3-1 and won the event (ten players where in attendance). My only loss was to a Greyjoy The Lord of the Crossing deck that completely neutered my locations. Squeezing Political Disaster in my plot deck would have been immensely helpful against that match-up.

Other opponents were: a The Free Folk deck, Baratheon The House With the Red Door and Lannister "The Rains of Castamere".

The lack of any Setup proved wasn't anything more than a minor nuisance. The deck plays the long game. There are enough control elements to stretch the game to where your economic advantage is indisputable, and you'll valar'd early anyway.

Retaliation proved to be the plot deck's MVP. Two claims with no disadvantage whatsoever for two turns in a row is usually a good closer, and if that's not enough Doran's Game will do the trick.

There is a few single copies of newer characters I wanted to try out, but more testing will be needed to really see which one are worth including.


ermas 126

how did you feel about southron escort? doesnt look like you have a lot of shadow cards

Alduc 20

Indeed, I never kept a card in shadow long enough to be able to put one of them into play for free, and in most games I had economy to spare anyway. Cutting them for additional copies of Palace Spearman and House Manwoody Guard should be worth it.