Knights rush (no CS)

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Neoptolemos 554

Experimental deck without cards from Core Set. Possible additions: Duel, Time of Plenty, Forced March, Arrogant Contender, Pleasure Barge, Arbor Marketplace. Including CS: Core Margaery (probably 3x), Core Loras, Rose Garden.


teamjimby 1821

Out of curiosity, why are you building without Core Set cards? I have a pretty good deck that you might like that I can post this week, but it relies a lot on The Knight of Flowers (Core).

Neoptolemos 554

Totally agree - I've played last summer with very similar deck including Margaery Tyrell (Core) and The Knight of Flowers (Core) and it was great indeed. It's just that some guy on FB group asked if there is any good deck without CS cards and I build it as a kind of experiment, since Tyrell low-curve knights is one of the few decks that can skip economy and 1-cost reducers from CS. I think that possibly there may be also good builders non-CS deck.