1. May 2019 - My first deck

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twicethecaffeine 3

Just got into the game - This is my first deck made from the limited cards I have so far.


Dekaro 1

I wonder if Tywin Lannister (LoCR) is the best in this deck ? I think this is a really good card and I don't doubt you thought of it before, but his effect seems to me just a cool thing for his own keyword, as know as "Pillage". Won't be that better than playing Tywin Lannister (Core) or maybe think about cards which have a synergy with his effect ? (Never think of it before, so I don't see which one)

twicethecaffeine 3

I agree - but I only own one core set (plus multiple INTRO DECKs & CHAPTER PACKS) at the moment. Tywin (LoCR) is provided in the LANNISTER INTRO DECK, which is more focussed on opposition card discarding, so I have copies of that card available. I will be swapping cards in and out as I get more access to them.

Dekaro 1

I REAAAAAAAALLY Understood that haha ! I was in your place.

SYX 65

Hey! I love that you started out with a Lannister deck - my kind of player! :-) I just made a deck public to show you what I've played with rather successfully in private battles; it is very similar to your deck but focuses on winning intrigue challenges (see thronesdb.com.) Since Cersei (LoCR) is so important for this deck, Bodyguard and The Eyrie are basically in there for her, but if you fail to draw her, they also work well with Tywin. (All this may change when The Prince That Was Promised is out, and The Eyrie is controversial since it is so damn expensive.) In a deck that features Cersei (LoCR), you could consider removing Trial by Combat and go for Treachery x3 instead, since you do want to win those intrigue challenges and collect power on Cersei (she really is that good, still!).

One thing I would definitely suggest to you is to swap some of the low-income plots for some that give you more gold, since it will be tough to keep up the momentum in getting out characters and locations. Famine, in particular, is rather untypical in a Lannister deck - but it may work under certain circumstances.

Most of all, have fun and try out different things! :-)

twicethecaffeine 3

Hi SYX, thanks for the helpful comments. The reason I included Trial by combat in the deck is that I'm still learning the game and struggling to deal with certain card texts or attachments used by my opponents. I find the easiest way playing as Lannister is to brute force an intrigue challenge win and then "kill off" the character with Trial by combat. I hope as I learn the cards better, I will find more elegant ways to cope with my opponents.